Bali To Introduce 5-Year Digital Visa for Remote Working

Bali is currently preparing to attract remote workers with their five-year visa plan.
9 Jun 2022 ·By Ayurizka Purwadhania
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Bedugul, Bali
Bedugul, Bali

Bali is currently preparing to attract remote workers with their five-year visa plan. This is because companies worldwide continue to adapt to the work-from-home model. Many countries and homestay platforms make themselves a destination where one can work and live for some time.

After Estonia, Spain and Venice, this popular beach destination in Asia is looking to attract remote workers with their five-year digital nomadic visa plans.

Bali to Introduce “Digital Nomadic Visa” for Global Remote Workers

Uluwatu Bali
Uluwatu Bali

As the pandemic subsides and travel intensifies, Bali wants to rebrand itself away from its beaches and bars and promote spiritual and tech tourism there to attract long-term travelers who may be spending more money.

One way is to attract digital nomads – people who work remotely and can work from anywhere worldwide – on a special digital nomad visa for five years. This means you can stay on your destination island for half a decade without paying taxes and explore Bali's beautiful sights.

According to Bloomberg, Indonesia's Tourism Minister, Sandiaga Uno, said in an interview that eco-tourism, sporting events and five-year visas made for remote workers should bring about 3.6 million foreign tourists back to the country.

"This will help create more than 1 million jobs for Indonesians," he added.

The fact that digital workers will be exempt from paying any tax, as long as they earn overseas and not in Indonesia, is enough to lure visitors to the country, given that the duration of digital nomadic visas offered by Bali is much longer than those of other nations. Moreover, it will help people avoid the risk of quick deportation after visa expiry and other legal difficulties.

Sandiaga Uno told Bloomberg, "In the past, the three S's were: Sun, Sea and Sand. We move it to serenity, spirituality and sustainability. This way, we get better quality and a better impact on the local economy."

And as such, there is a greater focus on building eco-tourism, sustainable travel, and more leisure and work-based travel opportunities.

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