Beji Samuan Park: Religious Travel in Denpasar

For those of you who have plans to melukat at Beji Samuan Park, here's more info!
20 Sep 2022 ·By Ayurizka Purwadhania
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Beji Samuan Park / @rikaacahyani
Beji Samuan Park / @rikaacahyani

Bali is an island in Indonesia known for its diversity of culture, history, and tourism which amazes anyone when they see it. Of the various cultures that exist in Bali, Melukat is one of the most popular among tourists. Melukat is a spiritual cleansing ceremony of the mind and soul in humans.

Talking about the Melukat tradition, there are several places that you can use to do this tradition, one of which is at Beji Samuan Park in Badung. For those who have plans to melukat at Beji Samuan Park, here's more info!



You can access Beji Samuan Park through the Sangeh highway, then turn after Sangeh elementary school. You can directly follow the village road until you finally arrive at Beji Samuan Park.


Beji Samuan Park / @yan_budha
Beji Samuan Park / @yan_budha

Beji Samuan Park is an ancient area of human heritage in the past which is usually used for the Melukat tradition. This place was first discovered when the residents of Carangsari cut down giant trees and cleared the surrounding shrubs. Until they finally found this Beji Samuan Garden and have taken care of it until now.

Beji Samuan Park later became a sacred and sacred area for Hindus in Bali. You can feel the solid spiritual aura in this area and the stunning natural scenery around Beji Samuan Park.

To get down into the lake area, you must go downstairs. You will feel a calm and quiet atmosphere the first time you set foot into Beji Samuan Park.

For those of you who want to carry out the Melukat tradition in Beji Samuan Park, you will be accompanied by a priest in this village. The following is the Melukat plot in Beji Samuan Park:

  • Campuhan Penglukatan: This Penglukatan will be carried out in the riverbank area.
  • Suda Mala Worship: This ritual is believed by Hindus to get rid of various types of diseases.
  • The Dasa Mala Penglukatan: This cursing has the purpose of cleansing 10 bad qualities in humans.
  • Sedana Hair Bowing: This is a bow to ask for blessings of luck and fortune.
  • Sapta Rsi's cultivating: The main cultivating is done in the lake water.

Opening hours

Beji Samuan Park is open daily from 07.30 to 18.00. For those who just want to enjoy the natural scenery in this place, you will only be charged a vehicle parking fee of around IDR 3,000-IDR 10,000.

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