Ride Your Motorcycle to the Top of Mount Telomoyo

Scared of running out of breath while hiking up hills? You can ride your motorcycle to the top of this mountain. Some jeeps are also up for rent.
7 Jun 2022 · By Adrian Padmodihardjo
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Normally, hiking is rarely a choice of travel with family or children, due to the preparation and commitment required in reaching the top. For you longing for a breathe of fresh air, while enjoying the vast expanse of green landscape with your family, Mount Telomoyo can be your destination of choice.

Asphalt roads is built surrounding this mountain, meaning you can use a motorcycle to reach the top of this mountain. Some jeeps are also up for rent, in case you’re visiting with your family and children.

Asphalt roads surrounding Mount Telomoyo /
Asphalt roads surrounding Mount Telomoyo / kompas

Location and Route

Mount Telomoyo is located on the border of Semarang and Magelang, Central Java.

There are two routes that can be taken to get to the top of Mount Telomoyo. First, through Dalangan, Magelang Regency. Second, through Sepakung village, Semarang Regency.

For ease of travel, you can stay at a number of these inns near Mount Telomoyo.

Photo Spot on Mount Telomoyo

Awang-awang, Mount Telomoyo /
Awang-awang, Mount Telomoyo / borobudurnews
Taman Langit, Mount Telomoyo /
Taman Langit, Mount Telomoyo / borobudurnews

One of the tourist attractions on Mount Telomoyo is a couple of photo spots in the area.

The first spot is called Awang-awang. There is a glass deck where you can enjoy the view and the vast expanse of Mount Merbabu, Andong, Sumbing, and Sindoro all at once. Awang-awang is located at KM 4, at an altitude of 1,561 masl.

Secondly, there is Taman Langit. The view offered by this place is more or less identical to Awang-awang. According to Kompas, a cafe will be built in this are.

Admission ticket to Awang-awang is priced at IDR 15,000 per person. As for Taman Langit, it is priced at IDR 10,000 per person. Tickets are sold separately from the admission ticket at Mount Telomoyo entrance.

Admission Tickets, Opening Hours, and Facilities

Mount Telomoyo is open 24 hours. On weekends, tickets cost IDR 20,000 per person. On weekdays, tickets cost IDR 15,000 per person.

This location also offers “glamping” facilities, namely camping in tents complete with beds, pillows, sheets, mineral waters, tea and coffee sets, hot water, kitchen, and bathroom with water heater. This facility is priced starting from IDR 600,000 for a maximum capacity of 3 people.

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