Enjoy The Beauty of Mount Kerenceng, Hidden Paradise in Sumedang!

If you plan to hike Mount Kerenceng, here are some of the things you should know!
16 Jun 2022 ·By Ayurizka Purwadhania
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Mount Kerenceng /
Mount Kerenceng / theflashilham__20

West Java is a province in Indonesia with beautiful mountain tourist destinations. One of them is Mount Kerenceng in Sumedang.

This mountain has a height of 1,736 meters, with two peaks: Kareumbi (1,685 masl) and Pangukusan Peak (1,558 masl). If you plan to hike Mount Kerenceng, here is the full review!


The beauty of Mount Kerenceng

Mount Kerenceng /
Mount Kerenceng / romanbintang

This one mountain is still rarely known by people and its unspoiled beauty.

Although not as popular as Mount Papandayan, this mountain also has a beautiful charm similar to Mount Papandayan.

The local people often hike this mountain to look for animal feed and firewood for daily use.

As for the name, Kerenceng is taken from the Sundanese language, which means bells or sound.

Kerenceng Hiking Trails

Mountain view in the morning /
Mountain view in the morning / @keygreenwood

Mount Kerenceng has a few hiking trails, namely the Jambuaer Village/Sayuran Village in Sindulang Village, Cimanggung District and the Situhiang Village route in Tegalmanggung Village, Cimanggung District.

Climbing Mount Kerenceng can take up to 4-5 hours to reach the summit. If commuting on the same day about 8 hours.

The hiking trail on Mount Kerenceng itself is safe for children to climb from children to adults. Make sure you use complete climbing equipment to avoid bad things when climbing.

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