Bungkul Park: Icon of Surabaya

Skateboarding, jogging, accompanying children at the playground, or just enjoying free Wi-Fi, you can do all of those in the midst of beautiful breezy atmosphere of this park.
12 May 2022 · By Adrian Padmodihardjo
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Bungkul Park (Taman Bungkul) is one of the Green Open Spaces (Ruang Terbuka Hijau / RTH) located in the middle of the city of Surabaya. This park has a number of advantages compared to other parks in Indonesia, including an amphitheater, children's play area, jogging track, skate park, ready-to-drink tap facilities, and many more.

Bungkul Park atmosphere at night /
Bungkul Park atmosphere at night / liputan6.com

About Bungkul Park Surabaya

Bungkul Park was inaugurated on March 21, 2007, after being revitalized for more than two years. In 2014, Bungkul Park went through a revitalization process again, after an incident that caused some damages to a large number of plants there.

Covering an area of 900 square meters, this park originally came from a village called Bungkul. This village is famous for its character named Ki Ageng Supo. Until now, the tomb of Ki Ageng Supo is still located behind Bungkul Park, namely on Jalan Darmo.

Bungkul Park Facilities

It is clear that this park has become one of the icons of the pride of the city of Surabaya because it has a number of facilities that are not found in many other parks in Indonesia.

Bungkul Park Amphitheater /
Bungkul Park Amphitheater / surabaya.go.id


The theater arena is built on an area of 33 square meters in a circular shape, where on the edges there are stone pillars that serve as audience seats. This place is often used for performing arts both from within and outside the country.

Skate and BMX park /
Skate and BMX park / travelspromo.com

Skate and BMX Park

For those of you who like extreme sports, there is an area equipped with ramps, ledges, as well as a number of other obstacles to practice skateboarding or BMX. A number of sports activists generally use this place at night.

Children playground /
Children playground / goodnewsfromindonesia.id

Other Facilities

In addition to the unique facilities above, there is also a jogging area, ready-to-drink water taps, children playground, as well as a street vendor center. You can also enjoy the internet network via Wi-Fi here for free. Along with well-organized waste management, as well as a 24-hour security system via CCTV, it adds to a sense of security and comfort to be here.

Here’s a brief profile video of Bungkul Park.

Bungkul Park / Airwaves Channel

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