NAWA: LUNARSIVA "The Spirit of Wood Dragon," The First Immersive Space in Surabaya!

NAWA: LUNARSIVA "The Spirit of Wood Dragon" at Pakuwon City Mall offers a captivating Lunar New Year experience, blending tradition and innovation in Surabaya's first immersive space.
6 Feb 2024 ·By Izzah Putri Jurianto
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Surabaya — Welcoming the arrival of the Lunar New Year 2024, Surabaya introduces NAWA: LUNARSIVA "The Spirit of Wood Dragon," the city's first immersive space designed specifically to enliven the Lunar New Year celebration. The event will take place from February 3rd to March 10th, 2024, at a unique location, the 2M floor of Pakuwon City Mall.

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Immersive Experience

NAWA: LUNARSIVA promises an immersive experience for its visitors. With the theme "The Spirit of Wood Dragon," every element inside is designed to create a magical atmosphere that blends tradition and innovation. Visitors can feel the magic and warmth of welcoming the Lunar New Year.

Soft Opening and Promo Price

To give the people of Surabaya a chance to experience this unique immersive space, NAWA: LUNARSIVA is having a soft opening from February 3rd to 7th, 2024. During this period, visitors can enjoy a special promotional price of 50,000 IDR per person. This promo is a perfect way to experience the charm of the immersive space at an affordable cost.

Normal Price and Ticket Purchase

After the soft opening period, normal ticket prices apply, with 50,000 IDR for weekdays and 60,000 IDR for weekends. Ticket purchases can be easily made through the website by entering the keyword "NAWA: LUNARSIVA" in the search column. Make sure to get tickets before they run out, as each session only provides 10 ticket slots.

Schedule According to Preferences

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To provide flexibility to visitors, NAWA: LUNARSIVA holds 14 ticket sessions each day. Each session has 10 ticket slots, allowing a total of 140 visitors to enjoy this experience every day. Visitors can buy a maximum of 5 tickets per transaction, and it's important to note that tickets cannot be canceled or transferred.

Daily Schedule According to Preference

The session schedule runs from 11:00 to 20:45 each day, with each session lasting about 45 minutes. This provides a choice of times that suit visitors' preferences. With a broad schedule, everyone can tailor their visit to their daily activities without inconvenience.

Limited Opportunity, Don't Miss Out!

NAWA: LUNARSIVA offers a Lunar New Year experience unlike any other in Surabaya. With an atmosphere full of magic, this immersive space provides precious moments for all visitors. Be part of this extraordinary Lunar New Year celebration and be sure to reserve your tickets soon through

Don't miss this rare opportunity to experience "The Spirit of Wood Dragon" with NAWA: LUNARSIVA at Pakuwon City Mall!

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