From Malang to Surabaya, Laoban Finally Opens Its Newest Branch

The newest branch of Laoban Surabaya brings a traditional atmosphere and unique flavors to offer an unforgettable Chinese culinary experience for all its visitors.
22 Jan 2024 ·By Izzah Putri Jurianto
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Surabaya - The atmosphere of the city of Surabaya is once again enlivened by the presence of Laoban, a prominent Kopitiam that has just opened its branch in West Surabaya. Laoban, under the management of Uncle Osh, has become a favorite destination for coffee enthusiasts and those who appreciate authentic Chinese cuisine.

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Location and Ambiance at Laoban Surabaya

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One of the main attractions of Laoban Surabaya is its distinctive and captivating interior design. Dominated by red and green colors, Laoban creates a warm and inviting atmosphere while bringing a traditional touch that makes visitors feel like they are in a classic Chinese Kopitiam. Wall decorations depicting Chinese culture and Mandarin writings add an authentic touch to the place.

The menu offered at Laoban Surabaya is diverse, ranging from breakfast dishes such as toast with various toppings, noodles, and rice, to a variety of refreshing beverages. Visitors can enjoy an authentic culinary experience with unique and tempting flavors. With the presented menu, Laoban successfully creates an atmosphere that invites visitors to explore the various flavors of Chinese cuisine.

Interestingly, Laoban Surabaya is not only focused on West Surabaya. According to information from Laoban Surabaya's official Instagram, they will soon open branches in the Barata Jaya area and other locations that have not been officially announced. This indicates that Laoban is committed to being part of the broader Surabaya community.

You can visit the location of the newest branch of Laoban Surabaya on Jalan Raya Menganti, Babatan, Wiyung, Surabaya. The Kopitiam is open every day from 07:00 to 21:00 WIB.

Menu and Prices at Laoban Surabaya

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Like most Kopitiams, the menus at Laoban Surabaya include various filled toasts, dim sum, various rice and noodle dishes, as well as hot, cold, and refreshing drinks.

  1. Kaya Butter Toast (18,000 IDR)
  1. Cheesy Toast (16,000 IDR)
  1. Choco Toast (18,000 IDR)
  1. Nasi Hainan (28,000 IDR)
  1. Nasi Lemak (27,000 IDR)
  1. Mie Laksa (27,000 IDR)
  1. Mie Ayam Jasio (29,000 IDR)
  1. Lumpia (18,000 IDR)
  1. Pao Pasir Emas (16,000 IDR)
  1. Coklat Butter (18,000 IDR)

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