Ular Hills In Surabaya That You Just Cannot Skip!

Planning to come to Ular Hill soon? Here is more information for you!
5 Oct 2022 · By Ayurizka Purwadhania
Ular Hills / @bagasfgs
Ular Hills / @bagasfgs

Surabaya is not only known as a dense and bustling metropolitan area. In this city, you can visit various exciting natural tourist destinations. Of the many tours in Surabaya, Ular Hill is a spot you can use to see the other side of this city.

Ular Hill is located in the Citraland area and has fantastic natural views, especially in the afternoon. Although the place is hidden behind a residential area, you can enjoy the expanse of meadows and also the charm of Jurang Kuping Lake in this place.

Planning to come to Ular Hill soon? Here is more information for you!



Here are some of the facilities you can get at Ular Hill:

  • Parking area
  • Photo Spot
  • Mountain Bike Trails

Because Ular Hill is only managed by the local community, you cannot find adequate facilities here.


Ular Hills / @prasetyo261
Ular Hills / @prasetyo261

Ular Hill is a favourite place for various mountain bike communities in Surabaya to get around because of its challenging and natural terrain. Here you will be faced with thick weeds and hilly terrain, so it will be fun for cyclists to pass.

What can you find at Ular Hill? Here there is a lake in the middle of the hill. The place is a favourite photo spot for visitors who come to this place. Not only that, several hill spots are pretty high and are often used as finish points for cyclists who come to Ular Hill.

Entrance Ticket and Opening Hours

Visitors are not charged an entrance fee or are free to enter Ular Hill. You can directly come to this area by bicycle or on foot. This tour is open every day for 24 hours, but the best time to visit this place is from 07.00-16.00, when you can see the scenery on Ular Hill. This is a complete review of the Ular Hill tourist attraction. Hopefully, it can add to your tourist destination references while in Surabaya!

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