Cycling and Camping on The Banks of the Potrobayan River

Camping ground in Jogja with exciting offroad routes!
3 Jun 2022 · By Ivan Zulfikar

Do you want to camp by a quiet river? Or just enjoying the twilight sky in the middle of nature? This is the tourist village of Potrobayan.

This tourist village is famous for its campground facilities on the river banks. The atmosphere is still natural without artificial decoration. The price is very affordable and suitable for nature tourism with the family.

Camping Site /
Camping Site / wisataistimewa
Camping Site /
Camping Site / potrobayan

If you are interested in camping, it is best not to do it outside the rainy season because the river is at high tide.


Currently, there is no entry ticket to enter the camping area. You only need to spend Rp. 2,000 to pay for parking.

Cycling & Camping in Opak River /
Cycling & Camping in Opak River / potrobayan


Supporting facilities for camping are available in this place, although they are quite minimal. Facilities include emergency shelters, toilets, parking lots and tent rentals.

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