Curug Walet Pamijahan: Entrance Ticket, Access, and Facilities

Curious about Pamijahan waterfall? Let's see the complete information below!
12 Sep 2022 ·By Ivan Zulfikar
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The road to the waterfall/
The road to the waterfall/ koko.traveller

Wallet Pamijahan waterfalls are one of the waterfalls in the sub-district, Bogor. Its location is close to other famous waterfalls, such as Kondang waterfall and Pangeran waterfall. This waterfall has more difficult access than other waterfalls but has a beautiful and quiet view. This waterfall is suitable for visitors who want trekking and sports.

In this waterfall, you can play in the water, but swimming is not recommended because the water is quite profound. Visitors are also prohibited from entering the waterfall area when the water level rises sharply.

Curious about Pamijahan waterfall? Let's see the complete information below!


Walet Pamijahan Waterfall /
Walet Pamijahan Waterfall / irwanutomo

Walet Pamijahan Waterfall is one of the charming natural attractions. Because this nature tour is still excellent and genuine, you must go through trekking roads that are still perfunctory.

The road to the waterfall by car or motorbike. Visitors need to walk from the parking lot for 30 minutes to reach the waterfall's location.

The road is quite suitable for walking, but you should wear shoes or mountain sandals and be careful because the road is slippery.


  • Campground
  • Toilet
  • Mosque
  • Parking area

Entrance Ticket Prices and Opening Hours

When buying an entrance ticket, ensure the access given follows the amount and price because it is prone to illegal levies.

  • Tourist Area Entrance Ticket: IDR 12,500
  • Swallow Waterfall Entrance Ticket: IDR 10,000
  • Motorcycle Parking: IDR 5,000
  • Car Parking: IDR 20,000

The Wallet Pamijahan Waterfall tourist attraction is open daily from 07.00-17.00. Are you interested in visiting?

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