$5 Billion Moon Resorts is in Planning 🌕

“Fly me to the moon 🎵” might soon become reality for everyone.
2 Jun 2022 · By Adrian Padmodihardjo
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Digital render of “MOON” landmark /
Digital render of “MOON” landmark / moonworldresorts

“MOON”. This project’s name is pretty self-explanatory. This is the new luxurious destination resort currently in planning at MOON World Resorts Inc, an architectural studio and intellectual property licensor based in Canada.

Of the billions people on Earth, only 12 have ever set foot on the moon. It was this idea that pushed the company to build artificial moon on Earth. Not one, but four mini replicas of the moon.

Here are some of the latest news regarding the development of "MOON".

Costs $5 billion to build

Each "MOON" is planned to be 735 feet (224 meters) high above ground level. Reportedly, the construction of each replica will cost as much as $5 billion!

It will offer mass-space tourism, which reportedly will cost at least $500 per visitor. “MOON” is projected to be visited by 2.5 million “astronauts” annually. The claim to this prospect is supported by the recent momentum of space tourism, for example the hype of Blue Origin project founded by Jeff Bezos, as well as Virgin Galactic popularity (a part of the British Virgin Group).

Blue Origin /
Blue Origin / fortune
Virgin Galactic /
Virgin Galactic / themotleyfool

“MOON” will be lit-up at night

It sure won’t be a perfect replica of the moon if it doesn't shine at night. “MOON” is not only designed to be shining at night, but its lighting system will make it closely resemble the actual moon phase, from crescent, half-moon, to full moon.

It could open around 2027 or 2028

Building this massive landmark requires a 12-month pre-development planning program, followed by 48 months of actual construction. According to Michael Henderson, founder of MOON World Resorts Inc, there are tentative plans to build “MOON” in United States, United Arab Emirates, Singapore, and Spain.

In United States, this destination will most likely be built in Las Vegas. That said, Michael Henderson stated that it is possible that construction of the first “MOON” will be in United Arab Emirates. He also mentioned China as an alternative.

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