Yestaya Pastry: Traditional Cake Shop in Surabaya Since 1950

Since 1950 and famous for Indonesian traditional cakes called “jajanan pasar”
7 Jan 2023
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Yestaya Pastry is a cake shop that has been around since 1950 and is famous for its traditional Indonesian cake called “jajanan pasar”. Here, cakes are made with natural ingredients without preservatives or artificial sweeteners. In addition, the store offers a variety of snacks & cakes at prices that are friendly to your pocket.

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About Indonesian traditional cakes “Jajanan Pasar”

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Jajanan Pasar is a traditonal Indonesian cakes. Nowadays, this snacks can only be found in traditional markets. At Yestaya Pastry, you can find a variety of “jajanan pasar” such as Jentik Manis cake, Triangle Layer cake, Koci Koci/ Putri Mandi, and Kue Tok.

Menu “Jajanan Pasar” at Yestaya Pastry

  • Jentik Manis: Rp 8.500
  • Lapis Segitiga Ijo: Rp 8.500
  • Lapis Segitiga Coklat Rp 8.500
  • Koci atau Putri Mandi: Rp 10.000
  • Kue Tok: Rp 10.000

If you want to try delicious and healthy traditional food, come to Yestaya Pastry. We are sure you will love our cakes made from natural ingredients and without preservatives or artificial sweeteners. Taste the deliciousness of natural street food at Yestaya Pastry!

Hotel in Gubeng area near Yestaya Pastry.

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