Watunene Beach: The Hidden Treasure in Yogyakarta

Curious about the charms that exist on Watunene Beach? Here is the complete information for you!
26 Sep 2022 · By Ayurizka Purwadhania
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Watunene Beach / @anjani_deasy
Watunene Beach / @anjani_deasy

When you visit Gunungkidul, don't forget to explore the various natural beauties in this area.

Gunungkidul is an area known for its beautiful beaches, and each has charm.

If you want to find a new beach that is still quiet from visitors, Watunene Beach is the right choice.

Watunene Beach is located in the East area of Gunung Kidul and is close to several other new beaches.

Curious about the charms that exist on Watunene Beach? Here is the complete information for you!



Watunene Beach is located in the Tepus area, Gunungkidul. You can get to this beach by travelling for 2 hours from the city of Yogyakarta by passing the Yogyakarta-Wonosari road. Watunene Beach has also been accessed by private vehicles, so you don't have to walk far to reach the beach.


The following are the facilities that you can find at Watunene Beach:

  • Parking area
  • Mosque
  • Public toilet
  • Photo Spot
  • Camping Ground


Watunene Beach / @anjani_deasy
Watunene Beach / @anjani_deasy

Watunene Beach is known as the "Hidden Paradise in Yogyakarta" because of the beauty of its unspoiled beaches and relatively quiet. On this beach, you can do various activities such as camping, picnicking, photo hunting for product catalogues and pre-wedding.

The following are some tips that you can apply when visiting Watunene Beach:

  • Use sunscreen on your face and body because the sun on this beach will sting the skin, especially during the day.
  • You can bring a hat or umbrella to protect your skin from the hot rays of the sun.
  • Invite your friends, family, or partner to make your vacation at Watunene Beach more memorable!
  • Bring a professional camera to capture every moment and beauty in Watunene Beach.

Entrance Ticket and Opening Hours

If you want to visit Watunene Beach soon, here is the latest information regarding the ticket price:

  • Entrance Ticket: IDR 10,000
  • Motorcycle Parking: IDR 3,000
  • Car Parking: IDR 5,000

Watunene Beach tourist attraction is open every day for 24 hours. You can come from 06.00-17.00 to see sunset and sunrise views from this beach. So what are you waiting for? It's time for you to see the beauty of Watunene Beach firsthand!

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