Warung Ika Yogyakarta: Delicious and Sizzling Hotplate Resto

Warung Ika Hotplate serves a variety of menus, from chicken to seafood.
27 Jun 2022 ·By Ayurizka Purwadhania
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The Sweet and Sour Sauce Menu
The Sweet and Sour Sauce Menu

Yogyakarta seems to never run out of various culinary destinations you can try. One of the place you can try is Warung Ika Hotplate which serves a variety of menus from chicken to seafood with a variety of sauces that you can choose.

The favorite menu at Warung Ika Hotplate is the sweet and sour sauce variant and the fresh and delicious green chili.

Warung Ika Hotplate also famous because of their affordable menu price and the large hotplate portion.

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The Capcay Seafood /
The Capcay Seafood / jajanology

The location of Warung Ika Hotplate Jogja is in the Hartono Mall area or Pakuwon Mall Jogja, so the location is very strategic and easy to find.

From the outside area of Warung Ika Hotplate Jogja, you will see a thick clouds of smoke coming from the hotplate ordered by the visitors.

Warung Ika Hotplate is always busy every day, the best time for you to come to this place is either at 6PM-8PM, or during office lunch hours.

Menu Pricelist

Menu Pricelist /
Menu Pricelist / jajananviraljogja

Menu prices at Warung Ika Special Hotplate range from IDR 10,000-IDR 19,000 for a portion. Meanwhile, beverages start from IDR 500-IDR 6,000. Two people can share a part of the menu here, so it's perfect for those saving money at the end of the month. Opening hours at Warung Ika start from 11AM-11.30PM daily.

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