Hartono Mall Will Soon Be Pakuwon Mall

Hartono Mall in Yogyakarta is transforming into Pakuwon Mall due to change of management.
15 Jun 2022 · By Ayurizka Purwadhania
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Hartono Mall /
Hartono Mall / Pakuwon Jati

Hartono Mall Yogyakarta will be transforming into Pakuwon Mall soon. This is due to a change in management which is currently being taken over by Pakuwon Group, which has succeeded in establishing Pakuwon Mall in Surabaya.

Since it was rumored in 2020, the re-branding process has slowly but surely begun in 2022. Like Hartono Mall in Solo, they will also change its name to Pakuwon Mall due to change of management.

Hartono Mall Yogyakarta /
Hartono Mall Yogyakarta / Rosie K

For the re-branding concept itself, there is no definite leak that has been spoken by the current management of Pakuwon. In the future, Pakuwon Group wants to bring its trademark by bringing events, members, and others to the new Pakuwon Mall Yogyakarta.

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