Tip Top: Legendary Restaurant and Bakery in Medan

Tip Top Restaurant has been around since 1929
20 Aug 2022
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Tip Top Restaurant in Medan City
Tip Top Restaurant in Medan City

Tip Top is a legendary restaurant and bakery in Medan City. Tip Top has been established since 1929. Previously, this restaurant had the name "Jangkie", because during the Japanese colonial era (1942-1945), the use of the name "Tip Top" was prohibited. After Indonesia's independence, the name was changed back to Tip Top.

Tip Top Restaurant in 1940’s /
Tip Top Restaurant in 1940’s / tiptopmedan


Various menu options

Tip Top has a variety of menu options, ranging from main dishes to a selection of cakes and ice cream. For the main dish, the favorite menu choices are American Steak, special tip top fried rice, fried chicken with sauce, and fish head curry.

In addition, for the cake menu, the favorite choices are Moorkop and Specoolas. Moorkop is a traditional Dutch cake covered with melted chocolate with a white cream filling. Specoolas is a typical Dutch pastry, which is the mainstay of Tip Top with a spicy aroma.

Moorkop /
Moorkop / tiptopmedan
Specoolas /
Specoolas / tiptopmedan

For the ice cream menu, there are several choices, namely Java, Ystaart, Donauwellen, Pukler, Moorkop Ice, and many more. One of the features of this Tip Top ice cream lies in the recipe and the process of making it which is still very traditional with an ancient stove machine from the Dutch colonial era.

Moorkop Ice /
Moorkop Ice / tiptopmedan
Donauwellen /
Donauwellen / tiptopmedan

Opening days and hours

Tip Top restaurant is open every day, starting from 08.00 - 23.00. This restaurant also has live music every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, from 19.30 - 23.00. So how, are you interested in visiting the Tip Top Restaurant?

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