The Famous Nasi Ayam Bu Nyoto in Semarang

Berikut adalah ulasan lengkap mengenai Nasi Ayam Bu Nyoto!
7 Jul 2022 · By Ayurizka Purwadhania
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Nasi Ayam Bu Nyoto /
Nasi Ayam Bu Nyoto / retnowahjuningsih

Exploring culinary in Semarang it's incomplete if you don't try Nasi Ayam Bu Nyoto (chicken rice) around MT Haryono Street. What makes this food special? Nasi Ayam Bu Nyoto has a variety of home-style menu alternatives with delicious tastes. The mainstay menu here is young papaya saute and chicken rice which has an authentic taste. Here is a full review of Nasi Ayam Bu Nyoto!


Bu Nyoto Stall /
Bu Nyoto Stall / andriegutz

Nasi Ayam Bu Nyoto Semarang location is located around Simpang Lima area. You can walk for 10 minutes from Simpang Lima to get to Nasi Ayam Bu Nyoto.

Warung Nasi Ayam Bu Nyoto Semarang is located on the side of Jalan MT Haryono, more precisely in the pedestrian area. In this place, you can eat on the spot or takeaway.

There are also options for gift packages you can take out of town.

Prices, Menu, and Opening Hours

Here are the menu prices at Nasi Ayam Bu Nyoto Semarang:

  1. Food
      • Nasi Ayam: IDR 15.000
      • Sate Usus: IDR 5.000
      • Sate Telur Puyuh: IDR 5.000
      • Sate Ati Ampela: IDR 5.000
      • Kepala Ayam: IDR 5.000
      • Gorengan: IDR 2.000
  1. Beverages
      • Ice Tea: IDR 5.000
      • Hot Tea: IDR 3.500
      • Orange juice: IDR 6.000
      • Orange juice (hot): IDR 4.000
      • Mineral Water: IDR 5.000

Nasi Ayam Bu Nyoto Semarang is open daily for two batches of time. The first is 06.00-09.00 and 17.00-21.00.

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