5 Thai Artist Restaurants and Cafes to Visit in Bangkok!

If you're lucky, you might meet them while you're there!
8 Jun 2022 · By Ayurizka Purwadhania
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Davikah Hoorne
Davikah Hoorne

Did you know that some of your favorite Thai celebrities have their own cafes and restaurants?

A significant investment opportunity for celebrities is owning and running a restaurant or cafe. It is common to see Thai stars take on additional roles as entrepreneurs in Thailand. Be it a cafe or restaurant, this place has always been one of the favorite hangout spots for fans and new adventures for foodies and cafe visitors. Here are five celebrity-owned Thai and Bangkok restaurants to visit. If you're lucky, you might run into them while you're there!

1. Misstar Cafe by Davika

Outside of the entertainment world, Mai Davika prides herself on being the lady boss of her very own Misstar Café by Davika. The fairytale-themed cafe has an outdoor area for you to chillax and get the perfect shot for your 'gram. What's more, it has been used as a wedding venue on several occasions as well.

2. Supree by K+ E Café

Supree by K+ E Café is the brainchild of lovebirds Ken Phupoom and Esther Supreeleela. Apart from delicious Thai cuisine, this place serves delicious signatures inspired by Esther's mother's home cooking.

3. Reverie Cafe

A proud mother of two, singer Lydia Sarunrat is the owner of the brand and the driving force behind Cafe Reverie's popularity. This place is also suitable for anyone looking for a photo spot with an elegant background.

Seen Baifern Pimchanok trying dessert at Cafe Reverie. The cafe's old classroom-style design and fun menu lists bring customers nostalgia and are a tribute to the past.

4. Gotoku by Shabu King

Gotoku by Shabu King is a favorite among celebrities and foodies who love to devour big parties. Husband and wife Boy Peacemaker and Jeab Pijittra turned their passion for shabu and Japanese food into an indulgent restaurant. It is heaven for salmon lovers especially.

5. PQRS Cafe

PQRS Café is a collaboration between fan-favorite stars from MasterChef All-Star Thailand. In addition to an appetizing all-day dining menu, the cafe offers an exclusive chef's table for those wishing to interact with Chef Quest Chanin and Chef Paope Jessica.

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