Tepi Kota Healing: New Family-Friendly Attraction in Bandung

Curious about exploring Tepi Kota Healing in Bandung? Check out more information below!
27 Feb 2023 · By Ayurizka Purwadhania
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Tepi Kota Healing Bandung — Bandung, also known as "Paris van Java", is a metropolitan city that boasts not only lovely European-style architecture and delectable cuisine, but also several exciting tourist destinations that are ideal for weekend family vacations.

Whether you're seeking breathtaking natural wonders or contemporary shopping centers, Bandung has something to offer for everyone. As you plan your family's weekend escape, make sure to add Tepi Kota Healing in Arcamanik to your list.

Would you like to learn more about visiting Tepi Kota Healing in Bandung? Keep reading for additional information!


Tepi Kota Healing / @kaindraalfarel
Tepi Kota Healing / @kaindraalfarel


Here are some of the facilities in Tepi Kota Healing:

  • Parking area
  • Toilet
  • Spot Photos
  • Children's Play Area
  • Gazebos


Tepi Kota Healing / @rositaaocie
Tepi Kota Healing / @rositaaocie

Tepi Kota Healing is an exciting new family-friendly tourist destination in Bandung. It is conveniently accessible by private vehicle and is perfect for weekend family outings. So, what activities are available at Tepi Kota Healing?

Rabbit Park

This area is a popular spot for children as they can directly interact with and feed the park's rabbits.

Children's Play Area

The children's play area offers a variety of games, including slides, swings, and other fun activities.

Horseback Riding

Visitors can explore Tepi Kota Healing on horseback with professional guides.

Scooter Rides

Another enjoyable activity to try at Tepi Kota Healing is riding a scooter around the attractions.

There are many other thrilling rides to experience, so don't forget to capture every moment and share it on social media!

Entrance Ticket and Opening Hours

Tepi Kota Healing / @ronaromansyah11
Tepi Kota Healing / @ronaromansyah11

How much is the entrance ticket to Tepi Kota Healing? Here's more information!

  • Entrance Ticket: IDR 10,000
  • Premium Scooter: IDR 20,000 (20 minutes)
  • Electric Scooter: IDR 30,000 (20 minutes)
  • Children's Bicycle: IDR 20,000 (30 minutes)

Tepi Kota Healing Tourism is open every day with operating hours:

  • Weekdays: 11.00 - 20.00
  • Weekends: 08.00 - 20.00

These are some reviews of new family-friendly tourist destinations that you can consider visiting with your children to make the most of your vacation time. We hope this has provided you with some new inspiration!

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