Must Visit: Taka Makassar Island in Lombok

Of the many tours that exist, Taka Makassar Island is one that you must visit.
12 Oct 2022 ·By Ayurizka Purwadhania
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Taka Makassar / @thewaytowherever
Taka Makassar / @thewaytowherever

Not only known as Labuan Bajo and Komodo Island, it turns out that in East Nusa Tenggara, other natural tourist destinations are also stunning. Of the many tours that exist, Taka Makassar Island is one that you must visit.

Apparently, many people are fooled by the name "Makassar" on this island, while the location is in East Nusa Tenggara. Want to know more about Taka Island Makassar? Let's see the following information!


To get to Taka Island Makassar, you can use a cruise ship to the middle of the sea. From that point, you will be escorted by a small boat to get to Taka Island Makassar and enjoy the atmosphere of this small island.


The following are some of the facilities that you can find on Taka Island Makassar:

  • Tourist Boat
  • Photo Spot
  • Snorkeling

Taka Makassar is an uninhabited island. You cannot find other supporting facilities. Instead, you can find complete tourist facilities on Komodo Island.


Taka Makassar Island / @oneoceanaway_
Taka Makassar Island / @oneoceanaway_

Why is this island called "Taka"? In the Bugis language, Taka means shallow. Did you know that the height of this island above sea level is shallow? Even when the tide is high, this island will disappear and reappear when the tide is low.

Taka Makassar Island is known for its clear water views and beautiful marine ecosystems. You can see the beautiful arrangement of coral reefs from above sea level, but if you want to snorkel on this island, make sure to bring complete equipment when diving.

Although this island is included as one of the remote islands, this does not dampen visitors' interest in seeing firsthand the charm of Taka Makassar Island. Always capture your moments on this island using a cell phone or a professional camera.

When is the best time to visit Taka Island Makassar? It is recommended to come in March-September or during the summer. This is because the seawater around the island will tend to recede, making it easier for you to reach this island.

Well, that's the review of Taka Makassar Island. Don't forget to include this place in your holiday agenda while in East Nusa Tenggara!

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