Stjerne Dining & Brew: Most Stunning Cafe in Surabaya

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28 Feb 2023 ·By Ayurizka Purwadhania
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Stjerne Dining & Brew — Cafes, which were once solely used as eateries, have evolved into multifunctional spaces serving as hangout spots, workspaces, and event venues. Surabaya offers an abundance of comfortable cafes for various purposes, but if you're seeking a fresh atmosphere, it's time to check out Stjerne Dining & Brew located at Sam Ratulangi.

Unlike most cafes in Surabaya, Stjerne Dining & Brew boasts a modern interior and spacious room, offering a unique ambiance. Despite Surabaya's typically hot weather, this cafe has a refreshing indoor area, ideal for working remotely. For more information on Stjerne Dining & Brew, keep reading below!


Stjerne Dining & Brew / @stjernediningbrew
Stjerne Dining & Brew / @stjernediningbrew


Here are some of the facilities in Stjerne Dining & Brew

  • Parking area
  • Wi-Fi
  • Toilet
  • Art Gallery
  • Spot Photos
  • Outdoor Areas


Stjerne Dining & Brew / @ijalmarfir
Stjerne Dining & Brew / @ijalmarfir
Stjerne Dining & Brew / @ijalmarfir
Stjerne Dining & Brew / @ijalmarfir
Stjerne Dining & Brew / @ijalmarfir
Stjerne Dining & Brew / @ijalmarfir
Stjerne Dining & Brew / @ijalmarfir
Stjerne Dining & Brew / @ijalmarfir

Menu list

Curious about the menu at Stjerne Dining & Brew? Below is a list of menu items along with their current prices!


  • Blue Delight: 39K
  • Citrus Cooler: 39K
  • Green Mansion: 39K
  • Mango Tango: 39K
  • Sour Gum: 39K
  • Splash of Red: 39K

Daily Tea

  • Black Tea: 30K
  • Lemon Tea: 33K
  • Lychee Tea: 33K
  • Apple Tea: 33K
  • Peach Tea: 33K
  • Strawberry Tea: 33K

Non Coffee

  • Matcha: 39K
  • Red Velvet: 39K
  • Chocolate: 39K

Healthy Juices

  • Tropikale: 36K
  • Sweet & Spicy: 36K
  • Bloody Lovely Mary: 36K

Artisan Tea

  • Chamomile Blossoms: 36K
  • Lychee Rose: 36K
  • Morrocan Mint: 36K

Ready To Drink

  • Diet Coke: 30K
  • Sparkling Water: 30K


  • Lobster Pasta Marinara: 125K
  • Cheddar New Orleans Pasta: 70K
  • Spaghetti Aglio E Olio: 70K
  • Taglia Telle Ragu Alla Bolgnese: 70K
  • Salmon Ravioli with Podomoro Sauce: 85K
  • Creamy Mushroom Farfalle: 70K


  • Salmon Pizza: 93K
  • Beef Salami Pizza: 93K
  • Tripple Cheese Pizza: 83K


  • Iga Sapi Bakar: 139K
  • Mama’s Oxtail Soup: 77K
  • Garang Asam Iga Sapi: 77K
  • St. Jerne Secial Fried Rice: 75K
  • Kecombrang Fried Juice: 66K


  • Lobster Thermidor Butter: 297K
  • Osso Buco Stew: 165K
  • Garlic Butter Tuscan Salmon: 143K
  • BBQ Cheese Roasted Chicken: 136K
  • Ultimate Mushroom Soup: 69K


  • Truffle Fries: 43K
  • Potato Wedges: 43K
  • Fried Mozarella: 43K
  • Chicken Popcorn: 45K
  • Nachos Sweet Potato: 63K

Sweet Treat

  • Strawberry French Toast: 49K
  • Luscious Cake Slice: 49K

Jam Buka

Stjerne Dining & Brew is open every day from 08:00 to 22:00. If you're looking to celebrate special occasions at this cafe, you can make a reservation through their Instagram account @stjernediningbrew. That concludes my review of this cafe in Surabaya. Are you interested in visiting it?

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