Silayur Park: New Family-Friendly Attraction in Semarang!

To ensure you have the most updated information before visiting Silayur Park, read on!
12 Jan 2023 · By Ayurizka Purwadhania
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Silayur Park — Semarang presents a diverse range of activities for children to enjoy during their holiday. One of the most popular tourist destinations in Semarang is Silayur Park, where children can participate in various games and engaging activities. To ensure you have the most updated information before visiting Silayur Park, read on!

What are the attractions in Silayur Park Semarang?

Silayur Park / @vra.a_a
Silayur Park / @vra.a_a

Silayur Park, situated in Ngaliyan, West Semarang, offers numerous exciting spots for visitors to enjoy. Below are some of the spots that you can explore at Silayur Park:

Cafe & Restaurant

It may surprise you to know that Silayur Park features a cafe and restaurant that offer a wide range of affordable food options. Besides indoor seating, this cafe also provides outdoor areas with several gazebo spots for you to enjoy. Additionally, there is a children's play area nearby with slides and swings.

Swimming pool

Silayur Park's biggest draw is its spacious swimming pool, which features separate areas for both adults and children. As a popular destination, it tends to be crowded during weekends and school breaks.

Mini Zoo

Silayur Park allows children to have a hands-on experience with various animals, including rabbits. Here, kids can feed and observe the rabbits up close.

Spot Photo

Silayur Park provides plenty of opportunities for photo enthusiasts with its numerous Instagram-worthy spots scattered throughout the park. Visitors often flock to the suspension bridge and garden area for their favorite photo locations.

How much is the entrance ticket to Silayur Park Semarang?

Silayur Park / @silayurpark
Silayur Park / @silayurpark

The following are the latest entry prices for Silayur Park Semarang:

  • Weekday Entrance Ticket: IDR 15,000
  • Weekend Entrance Ticket: IDR 20,000

On the other hand, the prices for the menu items in the cafe and restaurant area range from IDR 10,000 to IDR 40,000, which are still considered affordable and budget-friendly, don't you agree?

Route to Silayur Park Semarang

Silayur Park / @dviea
Silayur Park / @dviea

To reach Silayur Park, you can take the path towards Ahmad Yani Airport and continue straight until you reach Ngaliyan Market. Silayur Park is located not far from the Ngaliyan Market area. You can get there by private vehicle, online motorbike taxis, or public transportation such as the Semarang BRT Bus.

Opening Hours and Facilities

Silayur Park / @kemana.gia
Silayur Park / @kemana.gia

You can find various facilities such as:

  • Large Parking Area
  • Mosque
  • Hall
  • Gazebos
  • Restaurants & Cafes
  • Swimming pool
  • Toilet

Silayur Park is available to visitors every day from 08.00 to 23.00. This concludes our review of one of Semarang's newest tourist destinations. It's time to plan a weekend trip with your family to Silayur Park!

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