Sambisari Temple: The History and Latest Entrance Ticket Price

Well, for those who want to visit Sambisari Temple, read the full review below!
3 Aug 2022 · By Ayurizka Purwadhania
Sambisari Temple / @gilanghilal
Sambisari Temple / @gilanghilal

Sambisari Temple is a historical site in Sambisari, Kalasan. Here you can see firsthand evidence of the history of Hindu civilization in the 9th century. Sambisari Temple is one of the temples that is quite unique because it is below ground level.

Well, for those who want to visit Sambisari Temple, read the full review below!



Sambisari Temple / @gie_harmonius
Sambisari Temple / @gie_harmonius

This temple is estimated to have been built in the early 9th century during King Rakai Garung, who ruled in the Ancient Mataram Kingdom of the Syailendra dynasty. Sambisari Temple was accidentally discovered by a farmer in 1966, and excavations were carried out by the Yogyakarta Archeology Center so that the complete temple complex was formed, which was completed in 1986.

At first, Sambisari Temple was located 6.5 meters underground. This can happen because it is suspected that the temple building was covered by heaps of lava from Mount Merapi, which erupted in the early 11th century. The temple is surrounded by an inner stone fence with an area of 50 m × 48 m.

Sambisari Temple is one of the historical attractions that is a favorite of tourists because of its location in the middle of the village and the very wide temple complex.


Sambisari Temple / @mandrapahlawa
Sambisari Temple / @mandrapahlawa
Sambisari Temple / @mandrapahlawa
Sambisari Temple / @mandrapahlawa

Sambisari Temple is a must-visit destination because the view of this temple complex is very beautiful and different from most other Hindu temples in Yogyakarta.

This place is also very suitable for those who like to take pictures or learn about the history of Sambisari Temple. The location of this temple is also very strategic and close to several other tourist destinations, such as Prambanan Temple to the famous culinary tour, namely Soto Batok Mbah Katro, which is not far from the temple location.

Entrance Ticket Prices and Opening Hours

The entrance ticket to Sambisari Temple is IDR 5,000 per person. In addition, you also have to pay a motorbike parking fee of IDR 2,000 and a car parking fee of IDR 5,000. The historical tour of Sambisari Temple is open daily from 07.00-17.00.

Visiting Tips

Here are tips for visiting Sambisari Temple:

Bring Umbrella and Hat

Because the location of Sambisari Temple is in the middle of the complex and far from trees, you are advised to bring a hat, umbrella, or sunglasses to avoid the sun's scorching heat.

Forbidden to Littering Around The Temple

All visitors are required not to litter in the temple area, especially in the main complex of Sambisari Temple.

Come in the Morning

It is recommended for those who want to see the charm of Sambisari Temple to come early when the sun is still not too hot, starting at 07.00-10.00.

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