Sam Phan Bok: Thailand's Grand Canyon

Thailand's Grand Canyon
28 Mar 2022
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Sam Phan Bok is the largest stretch of rock along the Mekong River. Sam Phan Bok is also known as Thailand's Grand Canyon for its attractive layer of pockmarked rock, eroded over the years by the swift currents of the Mekong River during the flood season. You can see the canyon from a different perspective on a long-tail cruise down the Mekong River.

Visitors take pictures at Sam Phan Bok /
Visitors take pictures at Sam Phan Bok / tourhero

When to Visit Sam Phan Bok?

The best time to visit Sam Phan Bok is during the dry season from December to May, when the river does not overflow with water. When dry, you'll be able to see a landscape of eroded rock in all its natural beauty, from microscopic burrows to large spaces. Popular visiting times are at sunrise and sunset, when temperatures are lower and the golden sun shimmers beautifully on the layered rock face.

Heart-shaped hole in Sam Phan Bok /
Heart-shaped hole in Sam Phan Bok / payuboom

How to Visit Sam Phan Bok?

If you are traveling from Bangkok, you will have to cover almost 700 kilometers. You'll find many other scenic attractions along the way, including Pha Taem National Park and several beautiful waterfalls. You can take a van from Khong Chiam to get you close to Sam Phan Bok, and from there you can stroll down to the river bottom of the gorge or rent a four-wheeler to get you closer for a fee.

Sam Phan Bok at night /
Sam Phan Bok at night / army_patiwat

Where to Stay?

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