Roti Gempol (Gempol Bread) in Bandung: Since 1958

Roti Gempol (Gempol Bread) is one of the legendary bakeries in the city of Bandung.
8 Jun 2022
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Roti Gempol Stall /
Roti Gempol Stall / wajar___laper

For traveler fellas in Bandung, you can visit Roti Gempol to enjoy breakfast in the morning. Roti Gempol is a legendary bakery in Bandung, which has been around since 1958. Even though it has been a long time, the enjoyment is still maintained until now.

Toast at Roti Gempol Bandung /
Toast at Roti Gempol Bandung / bhellabhello

Types of Bread

At Roti Gempol, there are two bread choices: sweet bread and salty bread. The size also varies, some are enough to eat alone, and some are to be eaten in crowded. There are two choices for this type of bread: white bread and whole wheat bread.

Gempol In The Making /
Gempol In The Making / makannn.yukkk
Sweet Roti Gempol Variant /
Sweet Roti Gempol Variant / makannn.yukkk

Price variations and operating hours

The price of bread provided here ranges from Rp. 4,000 and the most expensive Rp. 40,000, depending on the topping used and the type of bread. Roti Gempol is open every Monday - Sunday, from 07.00 to 21.00 WIB.

Hotels around Roti Gempol

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