Limpakuwus Pine Forest: Ticket Prices and More Info!

Planning a vacation to the Limpakuwus Pine Forest? Check out the latest information until the ticket prices below
11 Jul 2022 · By Ayurizka Purwadhania
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Pine Forest /
Pine Forest / Indra Tamedius Diputra

When the holiday season has arrived, it's time for you and your family and friends to go to the Limpakuwus Pine Forest tourist attraction in the Baturraden area, Banyumas. This place is a favorite vacation destination for residents of Central Java, because it is located in the highlands and has a cool atmosphere.

Planning a vacation to the Limpakuwus Pine Forest? Check out the latest information until the ticket prices below




  • Tourist vehicle parking area
  • Tourist stall
  • Toilet
  • Interesting photo spots
  • Cottage
  • Outbound area
  • Camping Ground
  • Mosque
  • Rainbow Sliding


Rainbow Sliding /
Rainbow Sliding / atiahazima_
Suspension bridge /
Suspension bridge /
Cottage /
Cottage / @argya_lukman
Pine Forest /
Pine Forest / @argya_lukman

Limpakuwus Pine Forest is the right solution for those of you who spend time on vacation in Baturraden and its surroundings. The following are the attractions of the Limpakuwus Pine Forest:

  • Cottage
    • Limpakuwus Pine Forest Management provides several cottage spots that face directly onto the pine expanse. In addition, you can also do camping activities in this place.

  • Rainbow Sliding
    • One of the mandatory rides to visit while in the Limpakuwus Pine Forest is the rainbow sliding which is very exciting and fun. In this ride, you will be transported back to your childhood by skating in the middle of a pine forest.

  • Outbound
    • Limpakuwus Pine Forest Management provides outbound facilities that you can use both in office events to family events with various package options available.

  • Suspension bridge
    • The next attraction is the suspension bridge spot in the Limpakuwus Pine Forest which is a favorite photo spot for visitors.

Tips for Visiting Limpakuwus Pine Forest

Pine Forest /
Pine Forest / Danang J. Moerdono

The following are tips that you can do when traveling in the Limpakuwus Pine Forest:

  • Come in the morning to the Limpakuwus Pine Forest, because you will see directly the sunrise view from the Baturraden plain.
  • Don't forget to wear warm clothes! Because the Limpakuwus Pine Forest is located in a highland area, the temperature in this area is often very low, making the atmosphere cooler.

Ticket Prices and Opening Hours

This is the price for the latest Limpakuwus Pine Forest entrance ticket 2022:

  1. Entrance Ticket
      • Weekday Entrance Ticket Price: Rp 15,000/person
      • Weekend Entrance Ticket Price: Rp 20,000/person
  1. Camping Package Price
      • Camping Ticket: Rp 20,000/person
      • Tent rental: Rp 85,000/tent
      • Rent Location: Rp 20,000/tent
      • Camping Tent Rental Package: Rp 165,000 (4 people)
      • Camping Packages Without Tent Rental: Rp 100,000 (4 people)
  1. Cottage Rental Prices
      • Family Cottage: Rp 450,000/night
      • Mini Cottage: Rp 350,000/night
  1. Outbound Package Prices
      • Standard Package: Rp 175,000/pax
      • Gold Package: Rp 250,000/pax
      • Platinum Package: Rp 325,000/pax

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