4 Photo Spots at Lake Singkarak

Surrounded by hills, the scenery at the lake is very charming
27 Jun 2022 · By Ivan Zulfikar
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Lake Singkarak is the second largest lake in Sumatra after Lake Toba in North Sumatra. The area is 107.8 km², spanning 2 districts in West Sumatra, namely Solok district and Tanah Datar district. This lake is surrounded by mountains and hills making the scenery very charming.

Sunset at lake Singkarak /
Sunset at lake Singkarak / berandaminang

In this lake, you can enjoy the hillside setting from the lake, or vice versa, you can also enjoy the lake view from the top of the hill. There are many photo spots around Lake Singkarak, each with having their own uniqueness. Here are some locations that you can visit to take pictures at Lake Singkarak.

Tanjung Mutiara Beach

This place is a harbor for boats that can take you to the middle of the lake. There are several interesting photo spots to take pictures with the family. You can play banana boat and water bike here. You can also have a picnic by the lake while eating bilih fish, an endemic fish that only lives in Singkarak lake.

The ship docked at Tanjung Mutiara beach /
The ship docked at Tanjung Mutiara beach / exploresingkarak

Thailand Peak

The Thailand Peak is a spot on the east side of Lake Singkarak. You can see the shores of Lake Singkarak from a height from here. There are also photo spots on the train tracks. The name itself comes from a hill with a similar view in Thailand.

Thailand Peak /
Thailand Peak / alfiandrachiall

Aua Sarumpun Peak

One of the best spots for taking pictures around the lake is Aua Sarumpun Peak. Imagine you are standing in the middle of yellowing weeds under the twilight light. The wind blows, the grass whistle, it really blows you away. The view is breath taking.

Aua Sarumpun Peak /
Aua Sarumpun Peak / albisrialan

Peak of Gagoan

Peak of Gagoan is located on the west side of Lake Singkarak. The lake is not clearly visible from here, but there are many photo spots that are no less interesting at Gagoan Peak. The grasslands and the cliffs are excellent spots for photography lovers.

Grasslands at the peak of Gagoan /
Grasslands at the peak of Gagoan / puncak.gagoan
Cliff at the peak of Gagoan /
Cliff at the peak of Gagoan / puncak.gagoan

Hotels near Lake Singkarak

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