Now Open and Ready to Visit: BXSea, Marine Beauty Attraction in Bintaro!

The newest marine biota tourism is opened at BXSea! Starting December 15 2023, you can explore the beauty of the sea world with its rich variety of biota. Get the tickets now!
15 Dec 2023 ·By Izzah Putri Jurianto
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What a good day to be a fan of the marine world! Now, you can enjoy the splendidness of marine biota tourism at BXSea in Bintaro.

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BXSea's Soft Opening will take place starting today, December 15, 2023. What are the facilities and how much are the ticket prices? Check out the information here.

Location and Access to BXSea

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BXSea is located at Bintaro Jaya Xchange Mall 2 B1-B2, with the full address at CBD Bintaro Jaya, Jalan Sektor VII No. 2 Block O, Pd. Jaya, Padang Aren, Tangerang. BXSea’s operating hours are from 10.00-22.00 WIB every day.

Apart from using private vehicles, you can come to BXSea using several modes of public transportation, such as buses or KRL. For those of you who choose to take the Intrans Bus, you can start from Emerald Bintaro at a distance of around 8 minutes. Meanwhile, for KRL passengers, choose the Jurang Mangu Station arrival route which is directly connected to BXc.

Facilities and Ticket Prices of BXSea

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BXSea will officially open to visitors on December 15, 2023. For the soft opening, there are 3 types of tickets available.

  1. Long Journey (20 Areas) The long journey ticket allows visitors to explore 20 BXSea areas at once. Here, they will encounter more than 25,000 marine, freshwater, reptile, and amphibian biota. Long-journey ticket prices are divided into 2 categories. For weekdays the rate is 150,000 IDR and for weekends the rate is 175,000 IDR.
  1. Short Journey (8 Area) Unlike the long journey, the short journey ticket only facilitates 8 areas to visit, such as Main Lobby, Freedom of Sea, Freedom of Sea, Hide & Seek, Seahorse Empires, Exotic Fish, Schooling fish, and Shark Domination. The short journey ticket price is 85,000 IDR for weekdays and 95,000 IDR for weekends.
  1. VIP (20 Areas, Behind The Sea & Guide) Finally, there is also a VIP ticket which combines exploring 20 areas, Behind The Sea, and Guide all at once. There will be a tour guide to accompany you and explain while you are at BXSea.

BXSea tickets can be bought through their official website. Come come, visit and enjoy the superb of marine life!

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