Must Try: Penyetan Mas Budi in Semarang

Interested in trying all the menus of penyetan Mas Budi? Here's the review!
29 Aug 2022 Ā· By Ayurizka Purwadhania
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Penyetan Mas Budi / @maidoeat
Penyetan Mas Budi / @maidoeat

Penyetan is a fried chicken or fried duck dish served with sambal and raw lalapan. This menu has also spread to various areas in Indonesia, including Semarang. One of Semarang's most popular penyetan stalls today is Penyetan Mas Budi.

Established in 2019, Penyetan Mas Budi currently has many branches across several cities. The uniqueness of this penyetan place is that the rice and chili sauce are free to refill as much as you like, plus the affordable price with large portions, of course, makes this penyetan place more popular among all people.

Interested in trying all the menus of Penyetan Mas Budi? Here's the review!


Penyetan Mas Budi already has 23 branches spread across Semarang, Yogyakarta, and several cities in Central Java. The following are some of the branches located in Semarang:

Bebek & Ayam Kampung Mas Budi Tembalangā£ Jalan Kedungmundu Raya, Sambiroto, Tembalangā£
Bebek & Ayam Kampung Mas Budi Karangturiā£ Jl. RA. Kartini No.9, Karangturi, Semarangā£
Bebek & Ayam Kampung Mas Budi Pedurunganā£ Jl. Wolter Monginsidi, Pedurungan, Semarang

Menu Prices and Opening Hours

Penyetan Menus / ernakuliner78
Penyetan Menus / ernakuliner78

Duck and Chicken Kampung Mas Budi provides 3 types of chili sauce and 6 types of fresh vegetables that you can freely take as much as you like. The chicken and duck menu is also mandatory because it is very soft and cooked for 6 hours with various spices.

If you've never come directly to the Duck and Chicken Kampung Mas Budi, here is a list of the latest menus and prices!


  • Fried Duck: IDR 33,000
  • Fried Kampung Chicken: IDR 27,000
  • Fried Stud Chicken: IDR 22,000
  • Fried Malon Bird: IDR 27,000
  • Rica-Rica Menthok: IDR 25,000
  • Beef Ribs Soup: IDR 35,000
  • Fried Ati Ampela: IDR 15,000
  • Fried Duck Head: IDR 6,000
  • Fried Kampung Chicken Head: IDR 8,000
  • Fried Rooster Head: IDR 6,000
  • Fried Tempe: IDR 10,000
  • Fried Tofu: IDR 10,000
  • Fried Eggplant: IDR 5,000
  • Fried Catfish: IDR 10,000
  • Fried Pete: IDR 10,000
  • Ca Kangkung: IDR 10,000
  • Ca Bean sprouts: IDR 10,000
  • Scrambled Eggs: IDR 5,000
  • White Rice: IDR 6,000


  • Sweet Hot Tea: IDR 3,000
  • Sweet Ice Tea: IDR 3,000
  • Fresh Hot Tea: IDR 2,000
  • Fresh Ice Tea: IDR 2,000
  • Hot Lemon Tea: IDR 6,000
  • Ice Lemon Tea: IDR 6,000
  • Hot Oranges: IDR 6,000
  • Ice Orange: IDR 6,000

Penyetan Mas Budi is open daily from 10.00-22.00. Hopefully, this place can be added to your culinary tourism reference in Semarang!

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