5 Must-Eat Traditional Foods in Papua!
If you plan to spend your holiday in Papua, be sure to explore the culinary tours there.
4 Jun 2022 · By Ayurizka Purwadhania

Papua is a province located in the central part of the island of Papua or the easternmost part of the Indonesian territory of Papua. Papua is known to be rich in culture and also for its abundant agricultural products. If you plan to spend your holiday in Papua, be sure to explore the culinary tours there.

Here are recommendations for 5 Papuan specialties that you can taste and make as souvenirs!


Papeda /
Papeda / Laura

Papeda is a portion of food in the form of sago porridge typical of Maluku and Papua, usually served with tuna or mubara fish seasoned with turmeric.

Sarang Semut

Sarang Semut /
Sarang Semut / Mongabay

Sarang Semut is a typical Papuan food that is suitable for souvenirs. Sarang Semut is one of the herbal treatment methods well known by the people of Indonesia for consuming boiled water. Even though the name is Sarang Semut, this plant is not actually made from real ants but is just an expression because of the holes.

Aunu Senebre

Aunu Senebre /
Aunu Senebre / Fajar Papua

Aunu Senebre is a food made from anchovy rice mixed with sliced taro leaves. This typical Papuan food is suitable to be served with tubers or eaten together with papeda.

Lontar Cake

Lontar Cake /
Lontar Cake / Resep Masakan

Lontar Cake is a typical Papuan milk pie with a super soft texture and a delicious sweet taste. This cake is made from margarine, wheat flour, vanilla, and milk, making this cake taste sweet and legit. Basically, this Lontar Cake is the same as the Balinese Milk Pie. The only difference between the two is the name and size.

Colo Colo Grilled Fish

Colo Colo Grilled Fish /
Colo Colo Grilled Fish / Fajar Papua

The following typical Papuan food is Grilled Fish Colo Colo, preparing fresh sea fish doused with Colo-Colo chili sauce with a spicy, savory, and sour taste. The ingredients used to make this sambal are lime, shallots, tomatoes, and chilies.

Matoa Ice

Ice Matoa /
Ice Matoa / Anna Hadi Art

Matoa Ice is one of the typical Papuan drinks in a combination of Matoa fruit and other ingredients. This drink has a sweet taste and is also fresh when drunk. You can also be creative by adding basil on top.

So many articles about Papuan food. Which food would you like to try?

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