Must Eat in Sidoarjo: Lontong Kikil Sapi Pak Madekan

Tempted to try Pak Madekan's Beef Kikil? Let's see the full information below!
14 Sep 2022 · By Ayurizka Purwadhania
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Lontong Kikil Sapi Pak Madekan / @kokoming_go
Lontong Kikil Sapi Pak Madekan / @kokoming_go

Sidoarjo is a city known for its delicious culinary centres and will not be boring to explore. When you visit this city, it's not complete if you haven't tried Pak Madekan's Kikil in the Panjang area, Taman. Kikils means the beef's fat and processed with some spice.

Pak Madekan's restaurant has been around since the 1960s and is currently operated by the next generation. The kikil (beef's fat) processed here is guaranteed to be tender and will make you addicted.

Tempted to try Pak Madekan's Kikil Sapi? Let's see the complete information below!


Lontong Kikil Sapi Pak Madekan Jl. Raya Wonocolo, Sepanjang, Taman, Sidoarjo

Menu List and Opening Hours

The menu is processed kikil, seasoned with coconut milk, savoury and slightly spicy. The price of a serving of Pak Madekan's beef gravel menu is only IDR 24,000. If you want to add pieces of rice cake (lontong), you only need IDR 5,000. Here it is available for dine-in or take-away.

Pak Madekan's restaurant menu is available in several online delivery applications. This restaurant is open daily from 08.00-00.00. So, are you interested in trying this legendary culinary?

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