5 Most Tasty Local Food in Madura Island!
5 Most Tasty Local Food in Madura Island!
Not only satay, this is Madurese most tasty local food that you must try!
6 Jun 2022 · By Ayurizka Purwadhania

1. Bebek Sinjay (Sinjay Duck)

Bebek Sinjay /
Bebek Sinjay / Malang Guidance

Bebek Sinjay (Sinjay Duck) is a typical Madurese culinary with the essential ingredients of fried duck which is given a special seasoning so that the duck meat becomes tender and crunchy when bitten. The origin of the name Sinjay itself turns out to be from the abbreviation " Sinar Jaya," which is the name of a car repair shop. You can enjoy this sinjay duck complete with Sambal Pencit, which will add to the taste.

2. Kaldu Kokot

Kaldu Kokot /
Kaldu Kokot / Eatologi

The following typical Madura culinary is Kaldu Kokot. This food is made from beef legs boiled until tender, then added with various spices and herbs served with chunks of gravel or cooked beef. You can eat this dish with hot rice and chili sauce to make it more complete.

3. Bebek Songkem (Songkem Duck)

Bebek Songkem /
Bebek Songkem / adie.foodtography

The following Madurese culinary recommendation is Bebek Songkem (Songkem Duck). This one food is processed duck meat seasoned with typical Madurese spices cooked for -+ 4 hours. Historically, the songkem duck is a form of appreciation and respect for the Madurese community for their ancestor.

4. Tajin Sobih

Tajin Sobih /
Tajin Sobih / Kulinear ID

Tajin Sobih is a typical Madurese culinary made from glutinous rice flour and rice flour. Tajin Sobih itself has the same texture as porridge. Usually, this food is added with pearls jelly and various other condiments and then doused with liquid palm sugar.

5. Lorjuk

Lorjuk /
Lorjuk / @eduardorionda

The final Madura culinary recommendation is Lorjuk. At first glance, this food looks strange and has a unique shape. Lorjuk itself is a sea shell with a long body. This food is usually served boiled or sauteed.

Those are the typical Madurese culinary recommendations that you can taste while visiting here. Looks tempting, doesn't it?