Macau Offers Free Return Tickets for Foreign Tourists from Hong Kong

The Macau government will relaunch the offer of free ferry tickets as a means to attract more tourists to Macau.
17 Apr 2023 · By Ayurizka Purwadhania
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Free Return Tickets for Foreign Tourists from Hong Kong — Macau could be the ideal holiday destination for those seeking a rich cultural experience and a fascinating history. Positioned on the south coast of China, it has earned the moniker "Monte Carlo of the Orient" due to its extravagant casinos.

Nonetheless, Macau offers much more than just that. Combining old structures with contemporary designs, its cuisine blends Chinese and Portuguese influences, and it boasts breathtaking coastal vistas. Macau truly offers a remarkable vacation spot. Let's delve deeper into the beauty of Macau.

Ferry Tickets Buy 1 Get 1 Free for Tourist!

Photo by drown_ in_city via Unsplash
Photo by drown_ in_city via Unsplash

In an effort to entice additional tourists to visit Macau, the Macau government will reintroduce the complimentary ferry ticket offer to Hong Kong residents who spend at least one night in the city. The latest "buy one, get one free" promotion will be valid from mid-April until the conclusion of June and will be available to both domestic and international travelers. After purchasing a shuttle bus or ferry ticket to Macau, visitors will receive a free round-trip ticket.

Since February 6, Macau has already received over 2,000 tourists from mainland China, resulting in a total of 60,000 visitors arriving in the city. The Macau government has been providing a subsidy program for tour groups from mainland China since February, which covers roughly half of all tour group visits in the city. Similar perks are expected to be offered to international visitors in the coming year. Fernandes has implied that the authorities plan to release travel subsidies for group tourists from overseas and Taiwan in April.

Don't miss out on this chance to explore every aspect of Macau's allure. Take advantage of these promotions and embark on an unforgettable journey!

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