5 Local Food in Bumiayu Worth A Try!
5 Local Food in Bumiayu Worth A Try!

Here are 5 recommendations for typical Bumiayu foods that you can try!
6 Jun 2022 ·By Ayurizka Purwadhania
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If you're in Bumiayu, it's incomplete if you haven't tasted the typical food here. Bumiayu is famous for its sweet & savory food. Usually, this food is often used as souvenirs from Bumiayu, Brebes.

Then, what are the typical Bumiayu foods that you must try? Here are 5 recommendations for specific Bumiayu foods that you can try!

1. Ketan Pencok

Ketan Pencok Ibu Bariyah
Ketan Pencok Ibu Bariyah

Ketan Pencok is a typical Bumiayu food made from sticky rice, boiled, then compacted and shaped into a box. As a complement, it is usually added with roasted coconut, which is added with brown sugar to make the taste of this sticky rice more delicious.

2. Tegean

Tegean /
Tegean / Parboaboa

Tegean is a typical Bumiayu food, almost the same as spinach or clear vegetables. This food is made from various vegetables such as spinach, carrots, corn, and scallions cooked using spices. This food is very delicious and served with warm rice and chili sauce

3. Kerupuk Rambak (Rambak Crackers)

Kerupuk Rambak /
Kerupuk Rambak / Cookpad - Indah Riduwan

A visit to Bumiayu is incomplete if you don't buy the typical Bumiayu food, namely Kerupuk Rambak, made from cowhide. Besides the low price, Kerupuk Rambak is many people's favorite as a complement when enjoying the main dish.

4. Kraca

Kraca /
Kraca / Cookpad - Dena Putri

The following typical Bumiayu food recommendation is Kraca. Kraca is a rice field snail cooked using onions, nutmeg, pepper, salt, and other spices. This food is most often sought after by tourists because the sensation and taste are fresh and savory.

5. Gethuk Goreng

Gethuk Goreng /
Gethuk Goreng / Wikipedia - Midori

The final list of Bumiayu specialties is Gethuk Goreng. This cassava-based food is a favorite of the Bumiayu people because of its legit and savory taste in every bite. You can find this food along the road in Bumiayu.

Thus 5 lists of typical Bumiayu foods; which number is your favorite?

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