Kuntum Farmfield: A Modern and Child Friendly Agrotourism Place

Interact directly with animals in Kuntum Farmfield's modern garden
22 Apr 2022 · By Ivan Zulfikar
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Plantations, rice fields and livestock are things that are difficult to find in big cities. This tourist spot presents these elements with a modern agricultural concept that is clean and friendly for children.

Clean and visitor-friendly cage /
Clean and visitor-friendly cage / phinemo.com

Kuntum Farmfield is an agro-tourism area located in Bogor, West Java. One of the advantages of this place is its easily accessible location. A large parking area and tourist area make this place suitable for family group tours.

The location of this place is on Jalan Raya Tajur and not far from the center of Bogor City and close to the Jagorawi Toll Road.

Plant nursery /
Plant nursery / theatmojo.com
Catching Fish /
Catching Fish / youtube.com

The concept of this place is inspired by the “Educational tour”, which will take you through a journey of farming in Indonesia. Starting from rice fields, fish ponds, vegetable gardens, fruit trees, farms, and much more.

Feeding animals /
Feeding animals / trivindo.com

Children can learn to grow rice or feed livestock and interact directly. Visitors can engage in activities such as growing vegetables, flowers and others while learning about modern agriculture.

Not only that, but visitors can also enjoy delicious food made from local ingredients grown at Kuntum Farmfield at the end of your trip.

Ticket price

  • Weekend (Saturday & Sunday) Rp 70.000
  • Weekday (Monday - Friday) Rp 55.000

Hotel near Kuntum Farmfield

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