KFC Singapore brings back Golden Durian Mochi starting March 21

Durian and KFC fans, hurry up!
20 Mar 2022
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Crunchy, chewy, sweet! KFC Golden Durian Mochi is filled with premium D24 durian lava and deep-fried until golden.
Golden Durian Mochi will be back at KFC starting March 21, 2022
Golden Durian Mochi will be back at KFC starting March 21, 2022

KFC Golden Durian Mochi

Enjoy the combination of chewy mochi and fragrant premium D24 durian filling! Perfect sweet snack after eating KFC.

Available from March 21, this Fried Durian Mochi can be ordered on the KFC Singapore App or visit the nearest KFC branch.

Coming back upon request

Introduced to Singaporeans in April last year, this dessert features D24 durian lava wrapped in a deep-fried mochi shell. KFC said it was so popular it "sold out in an instant" last year.

Price increases to S$3.45 (Rp 40,000)

Due to selling well last year, this year, the price of this durian mochi (Golden Durian Mochi) has been slightly increased. It used to cost S$3.45 (Rp 40,000) for five pieces, now it costs S$3.95 (Rp 48,000) for the same portion.

KFC’s Golden Durian Mochi
KFC’s Golden Durian Mochi

If you want a large portion, you can get a set of 10 for $7.80, which saves a penny per slice .

This Fried Durian Mochi (Golden Durian Mochi) will be available at all KFC Restaurants for dine-in, take-away, and KFC Delivery, except Singapore zoo and Polytechnic.

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