JJ Steak Semarang: Affordable Steakhouse in Town

JJ Steak is a street food stall but tasted like a five-star hotel restaurant.
29 Jun 2022 ยท By Ayurizka Purwadhania
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Menu at JJ Steak /
Menu at JJ Steak / eatenpost

Whenever you come to Semarang, don't forget to try JJ Steak, which has opened several branches in Semarang.

JJ Steak Semarang provides a variety of imported and local meats, which are tasty and mandatory to try.

The price of JJ Steak Semarang is also affordable, with a variety of complementary menu offerings that are no less delicious.

JJ Steak is street food but tasted like a five-star hotel restaurant.

Curious about JJ Steak Semarang? Check out the following information!


Pricelist, Menu, and Opening Hours

Menu at JJ Steak Semarang / jjsteak_indraprasta
Menu at JJ Steak Semarang / jjsteak_indraprasta

JJ Steak has many variants of menu ranging from the type of meat to the weight you want to choose.

There are several types of meat variants that you can choose, such as:

  • US Prime
  • Australian Wagyu
  • Australian Beef
  • Australian Black Angus
  • Premium Local Beef
  • Meltique Beef

The weight of the meat provided also varies from 100gr-200gr with four choices of sauces such as:

  • Black pepper
  • Mushroom
  • BBQ
  • Hot Spicy

Menu prices at JJ Steak Semarang start from IDR 25,000-IDR 150,000.

The opening hours of JJ Steak Semarang start at 13.00-21.00 every Tuesday-Sunday. Are you interested in trying this street food?

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