Explore Malang with Ease with MACITO Bus: Facilities, Schedule, and Ticket Price

Register directly on-site or through the MACITO app to enjoy the charm and history of the city with friendly guides during the journey.
3 Jan 2024 ·By Izzah Putri Jurianto
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Exploring the city of Malang is now easier with the MACITO Bus! This unique bus, styled with classic colors of red, green, and purple, is a contribution from the Malang City Transportation Department to the community.

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Not only is it comfortable and convenient, but the ticket is also free! So, what are you waiting for? Check out more information here.

How to Book and Facilities of MACITO Bus

MACITO Bus is one of the tourism services provided by the Malang City Transportation Department, offering transportation for Malang residents and tourists who want to explore the charm of the city.

The booking process is quite easy. You just need to come and register directly on the day, time, and schedule provided. Make sure to check the pickup locations, as there are differences between weekdays and weekends. Another option for booking MACITO bus tickets is through the MACITO app, which can be downloaded from the Play Store.

As this is a service provided by the city government, MACITO Bus does not charge a fare for passengers. You are free to wander around Malang!

During each trip, passengers not only have the opportunity to see the scenery of Malang but also to learn about the history of the city. There are tour guides who will provide explanations throughout the journey.

MACITO Bus Trip Schedule

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The trip or journey schedule for MACITO Bus is divided into two, on weekdays (Monday-Thursday) and weekends (Saturday-Sunday). Each trip takes about 40 minutes.

Weekdays (Monday-Thursday) Trip I: 09.00-09.40 WIB Trip II: 09.40-10.20 WIB Trip III: 10.20-11.00 WIB

Break: 11.00 AM-01.00 WIB

Trip IV: 01.00-01.40 WIB Trip V: 01.40-02.20 WIB Trip VI: 02.20-03.00 WIB

Weekend (Saturday-Sunday) Trip I: 10.00-10.40 WIB Trip II: 10.40-11.20 WIB

Break: 11.20 AM-01.00 WIB

Trip III: 01.00-01.40 WIB Trip IV: 01.40-02.20 WIB

Break: 02.20-03.30 WIB

Trip V: 03.30-04.10 WIB Trip VI: 04.10-04.50 WIB Trip VII: 04.50-05.30 WIB

Locations and Operating Hours of MACITO Bus

Malang City Tour operates every day with different operating hours. In addition, there are 2 pickup locations to ride MACITO. Here are the details.

  1. Pickup Point at Gajayana Stadium Parking Operating Hours: Monday-Thursday (09.00-15.00 WIB)
  1. Pickup Point at City Recreation Park (Tarekot) Operating Hours: Saturday-Sunday (10.00-17.30 WIB)

Don't forget to come to Malang and try the MACITO Bus!

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