Gudeg Yu Djum Jogja, Legendary Culinary with a Distinctive Sweet Taste

Gudeg Yu Djum is one of the most legendary gudeg restaurants in Jogja, with a distinctive sweet taste and quality selected ingredients.
23 Oct 2023
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The History of Gudeg Yu Djum

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Gudeg Yu Djum is a legendary gudeg restaurant in Yogyakarta that was founded by Ibu Djuwariyah, or Yu Djum, in 1951. At first, Yu Djum only sold gudeg around using a cart. However, as the popularity of her gudeg increased, Yu Djum opened a gudeg stall at her house in Mbarek, Yogyakarta.

Gudeg Yu Djum is known for its sweet and distinctive taste. The sweet taste of Gudeg Yu Djum comes from the use of berkualitas red sugar and coconut milk. In addition, Gudeg Yu Djum is also cooked using firewood, which produces a more delicious aroma.

Gudeg Yu Djum Menu

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Gudeg Yu Djum offers a variety of gudeg menus, from ordinary gudeg rice to complete gudeg rice. The ordinary gudeg rice consists of rice, gudeg, and sambal goreng krecek. Meanwhile, the complete gudeg rice consists of rice, gudeg, sambal goreng krecek, fried chicken, braised eggs, and areh.

In addition to gudeg menus, Gudeg Yu Djum also offers a variety of other side dishes, such as fried tofu, fried tempeh, corn fritters, and potato fritters.

Tips for Enjoying Gudeg Yu Djum

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Here are some tips for enjoying Gudeg Yu Djum:

  • Choose complete gudeg rice if you want to enjoy Gudeg Yu Djum to the fullest.
  • Don't forget to add sambal goreng krecek to your gudeg rice. Sambal goreng krecek makes Gudeg Yu Djum taste even more delicious.
  • Enjoy Gudeg Yu Djum with warm tea or coffee. Warm tea or coffee will add to the enjoyment of Gudeg Yu Djum.

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