Gili Iyang Sumenep: An Island of Mesmerizing Beauty

Gili Iyang has the second-highest oxygen content in the world. It is said this level of fresh air will make you live 5 years longer.
16 Jun 2022 ·By Ayurizka Purwadhania
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Gili Iyang / Disbudpar Jatim
Gili Iyang / Disbudpar Jatim

Gili Iyang is an island in the Sumenep area, with an area of 9.15 km2 inhabited by 7,832 people who populate two villages: Bancamara and Banraas.

In 2005, the National Institute of Aeronautics and Space (LAPAN) conducted a study, and Gili Iyang was crowned the place with the second-best oxygen level in the world, after the Dead Sea, Jordan. On average, oxygen levels are only 18-19%. While on Gili Iyang, oxygen levels are 20.9 percent during the day and 21 percent more at night.


How to Get to Gili Iyang

Gili Iyang /
Gili Iyang / Sugi Arto

You can go to Dungkek Harbor by renting a boat privately, or take a public boat under a regular schedule. If you rent a private boat for a round trip, it costs Rp 800,000 to carry around 15 people.

As for the regular boats, i.e., the schedule for leaving starts at 9AM up until 1PM.

Make sure to arrive earlier than the schedule, so you can get to Gili Iyang faster.


Gili Iyang / Disbudpar Jatim
Gili Iyang / Disbudpar Jatim

The number of facilities on Gili Iyang are quite limited. You also can't get a good cellular network due to the somewhat poor receiving on this island. Here are the facilities on Gili Iyang:

  • Toilet
  • Mosque
  • Food stalls
  • Fishing boat
  • Hotel
  • Photo Spot
  • Beach

Holiday Tips to Gili Iyang

Sunset on Gili Iyang /
Sunset on Gili Iyang / Aulia Hanif

Here are some tips for you during your vacation in Gili Iyang:

  • Bring more cash while you are in Gili Iyang. Most transactions can’t yet accept debit/e-payment.
  • Check whether your phone or network provider has a good signal receiving in Gili Iyang.
  • Bring more clothes when visiting, especially if you plan to swim at Gili Iyang beach.

That’s all about Gili Iyang. Are you interested in visiting this beautiful island?

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