The Beauty of Kiritimati Island: The First Country to Welcome the New Year 2024

Kiritimati Island, or Christmas Island, captivates with its white sandy beaches, dense coconut forests and amazing underwater diversity. One of the unique things is that this country is the first place in the world that has the opportunity to celebrate the new year 2024 early. Read the explanation here.
2 Jan 2024 ·By Izzah Putri Jurianto
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2024 has entered its second day in Indonesia. Even so, the phenomena that occur during the new year are always interesting to discuss, one of which is which country was the first to celebrate the new year 2024, ahead of other countries in the world.

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The answer is Kiritimati Island, a country also nicknamed Christmas Island. With an area of more than 600 square kilometers, Kiritimati is the largest island that makes up the Republic of Kiribati.

The main reason why this country is the first place to welcome the new year 2024 is because its time zone is 14 hours ahead of UTC. For this reason, yesterday they entered the new year 2024 on December 31 2023 at 17.00.

The Charm of Kiritimati Island, Kiribati

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Even though it is isolated in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, Kiritimati has a unique cultural richness. The residents are friendly and like to share local traditions, making visitors feel like they are at home. Traditional dances and local music often provide entertainment at various events and festivals.

For diving lovers, this island offers the alluring beauty of the underwater world. The biodiversity of coral reefs and colorful fish make snorkeling and diving in the surrounding waters a very interesting activity.

One of the main attractions of this island is its stunning beaches with fine white sand and clear seawater. Visitors can enjoy the beauty of the long coastline while feeling the gentle breeze from the vast Pacific Ocean.

Kiritimati is also known for its dense coconut forests, which provide a cool atmosphere. Walking under the dense coconut trees while listening to the rustling of the leaves blown by the sea breeze is sure to be a relaxing experience.

With its gorgeous natural beauty, white sandy beaches, and warm culture, Kiritimati Island offers a unique tourist experience. Not only that, but you might want to include Kiritimati Island on your wishlist to celebrate the new year 2025!

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