Delicious Spicy Chicken at Jatinangor House, Similar to McD!

See the following information for those curious who want to try the menu directly at Jatinangor House!
5 Aug 2022 · By Ayurizka Purwadhania
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Chicken Spicy / @gakgendutgendut
Chicken Spicy / @gakgendutgendut

Not only known for its gudeg culinary, but Yogyakarta also has many culinary tourism destinations that are very tasty and inexpensive. If you are bored with the same menu, it's time to try the fried chicken at Jatinangor House!

Since its appearance, Jatinangor House has been known to have a fried chicken menu similar to McDonald's at a more affordable price. Jatinangor House was originally a cafe that served various coffee menus in Bandung, then opened a branch in Yogyakarta and immediately boomed with its fried chicken menu.

See the following information for those curious who want to try the menu directly at Jatinangor House!


Currently, Jatinangor House has 3 branches in Yogyakarta. For those who want to experience dine-in directly, you can visit the Jatinangor House Pogung Baru branch because the Seturan and Jalan Damai branches are only for takeaway menus.

Menu Prices and Opening Hours

Chicken Spicy / @santapanhent
Chicken Spicy / @santapanhent
  • Jatinangor Burger
    • Spicy Chicken Burger: IDR 22,000
  • Add On
    • Scramble Egg: IDR 7,000
    • Spicy Crispy Kailan: IDR 15,000
    • Rice: IDR 7,000
    • Hot BBQ/Cheese Sauce: IDR 5,000

The following is a list of menu prices at the latest Jatinangor House:


  • Ala Carte
    • Spicy Jatinangor Chicken Large: IDR 18.000
    • Medium Spicy Jatinangor Chicken: IDR 14,000
    • Spicy Chicken Strips: IDR 16.000
  • Packages
    • Spicy Jatinangor Large Chicken Package: IDR 22,000
    • Medium Jatinangor Spicy Chicken Package: IDR 18.000
    • Spicy Jatinangor Chicken Special Medium Package: IDR 21,000
    • Chicken Strips + Scramble Egg Package: IDR 26.000
    • Java Jatinangor Package 1: IDR 36.000
    • Java Jatinangor Package 1: IDR 27,000


  • Coffee
    • Karlina Latte Iced Coffee: IDR 18.000
    • Iced Kopi Suklat: IDR 18.000
    • J-House Iced Coffee: IDR 17,000
    • J-House Palm Sugar Ice Coffee: IDR 18.000
    • Cappuccino Hot/Ice: IDR 20,000
    • V60: IDR 17,000
    • Americano Hot/Ice: IDR 15,000
    • J-House Creamy Mouthfeel: IDR 20,000
    • Vietnam Drip: IDR 16.000
  • Refreshing Drink
    • Mandarin Orange: IDR 14,000
    • Apple Peach: IDR 15,000
    • Red Jane: IDR 15,000
    • Ice Pomegranate: IDR 13,000
    • Lemonade Summer: IDR 13,000
    • Lemon Tea: IDR 12,000
  • Non-Coffee
    • Matcha Latte: IDR 17,000
    • Chocolate Daily: IDR 16.000
    • Taro Latte: IDR 16.000
    • Red Velvet Latte: IDR 16.000
    • Sugus Milk Cream: IDR 15,000

Jatinangor House is open daily from 10.00-22.00. Currently, all menus at Jatinangor House are available in various online delivery applications. So, for those who want to be more practical, you can order it directly in the application!

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