Cimory Dairyland: A Dutch Farm Themed Tourism

Feeding the animals, and taking pictures like a Dutch farmer
20 May 2022 · By Ivan Zulfikar
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Cimory Dairyland Puncak is a Dutch farm-themed tourist attraction. Once inside, visitors are spoiled with colorful tulips and giant windmills.

Cimory Dairyland Puncak /
Cimory Dairyland Puncak / chairinabawazir

Before Visiting

Don't forget to prepare Peduli Lindungi application to scan the QR code when entering the tourist attraction. You should also bring umbrella to anticipate the rain when traveling in open spaces.

In this place, it is forbidden to bring food from the outside and there luggage check when entering. Of course, like other Cimory tourism location, there is a Cimory restaurant which is known for its delicious cuisine.

If you visit during a long holiday, you should check whether there is an odd-even car rule implemented during the day. Also check the open-close schedule of Puncak route.

Facilities in Cimory Dairyland

Cimory Dairyland is divided into 3 areas and has several facilities

  1. Dairyland area: feed animals, rabbits, camels, sheep, horses, ostrich, etc.
  1. Magic Village area: home of hobbits and dwarves
  1. De Windmills Area: Giant windmills
  1. Rent traditional Dutch clothes
  1. Archery, mini playground
  1. Restaurants, gift shops
To the Magic Village /
To the Magic Village / wisatainfo

Cimory Dairyland Entrance Ticket Prices

Ticket prices are full for children with height 80cm and above.

  • Dairyland
    • Weekdays: IDR 30.000

      Weekend: IDR 40,000

  • Magic Village
    • Weekdays: IDR 30.000

      Weekend: IDR 30.000

  • Package of 2 Rides (Dairyland + De Windmills)
    • Weekdays: IDR 55,000

      Weekend: IDR 65.000

  • Package of 2 Rides (Dairyland + Magic Village)
    • Weekdays: IDR 55,000

      Weekend: IDR 65.000

  • Package of 3 Rides (Dairyland + Magic Village + De Windmills)
    • Weekdays: IDR 75.000

      Weekend: IDR 85.000

  • Parking
    • Motorcycle: IDR 4,000/hour

      Car: IDR 5,000/hour

Hotels near Cimory Dairyland

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