Bukit Bambu, Cirebon: A Fun-Filled Picnic Site

A suitable place to relax and have fun with friends and family
2 Jun 2022 ·By Ivan Zulfikar
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Planning to go on vacation with your friends and family? You may want to check out Bukit Bambu, the newest-yet-affordable tourist attraction in Cirebon.

Horse-riding at Bukit Bambu /
Horse-riding at Bukit Bambu / bukitbambu

The breezy atmosphere, gazebos made of bamboo, animals roaming around the place, and fresh plants surrounding the area, those are the main selling points of this place. Bukit Bambu will be very suitable for your next vacation destination with family, friends, or children.

Opening Hours

  • Everyday from 9AM to 5PM
  • In Ramadan, opens from 1PM to 9PM.

Admission Tickets and Attractions

  • Adult: Rp 15.000
  • Children, under 5 year old: Rp 5.000
  • Parking fee: Rp 5.000
  • Archery: Rp 10.000
  • Rabbits feeding: Rp 10.000
  • Horse riding: Rp 25.000
  • Picnic mat: free
  • Cleaning service fee (if you bring outside food): Rp 5.000


In addition to the mentioned attractions, you can also try planting and harvesting crops, like chili, rosella, telang (butterfly pea), and Brazilian spinach.

Organic strawberry drinks /
Organic strawberry drinks / bukitbambu
Break fast during Ramadan /
Break fast during Ramadan / bukitbambu

The canteen at Bukit Bambu also offers some contemporary foods. You will surely enjoy your time relaxing in here.

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