Ledok Sambi: The Hidden Paradise in Yogyakarta

Are you planning to visit Ledok Sambi Ecopark soon? If so, check out the full information below!
11 Aug 2022 · By Ayurizka Purwadhania
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Ledok Sambi / @vikeap24
Ledok Sambi / @vikeap24

Looking for an exciting and suitable nature tour for children in Yogyakarta? Ledok Sambi Kaliurang is the answer! This tourist attraction offers a very clear river view and is surrounded by green trees that are very enchanting. You can see the view of Mount Merapi directly from this place while spending time with children and family.

Are you planning to visit Ledok Sambi Ecopark soon? If so, check out the full information below!



The following are the facilities available at Ledok Sambi:

  • Spacious Parking Area
  • Cafe and Restaurant
  • Instagramable Photo Spots
  • Ledok Sambi Fun Game Rides
  • Camping ground and Tent Rental
  • Outbound Area
  • Toilet
  • Mosque


Ledok Sambi / @backpackerjakarta
Ledok Sambi / @backpackerjakarta

Beautiful Natural Scenery

Ledok Sambi Kaliurang is known for the river that flows in the middle of the tourist attraction. Here is a favorite spot for playing with water or just refreshing.

Camping Ground

The Ledok Sambi Ecopark tourist attraction provides a camping ground in the riverside area, so you can more freely enjoy the beauty of the river here.

Flying fox

At Ledok Sambi Kaliurang, you can enjoy the flying fox ride across the river. This game can be tried by children to adults by buying tickets.

Entrance Ticket Prices and Opening Hours

Here are the entrance tickets to the newest Ledok Sambi Kaliurang:

  • Entrance Ticket: Free
  • Outbound Ticket: IDR 175,000/person (minimum 20 people)
  • Flying Fox Ticket: IDR 25,000/person
  • Camping Ticket: IDR 35,000/person
  • Small Tent Camping Package: IDR 150,000 (2 people)
  • Medium Tent Camping Package: IDR 200,000 (3 people)
  • Big Tent Camping Package: IDR 250,000 (5 people)
  • Food Menu Price: IDR 9,000-IDR 19,000
  • Drink Menu Price: IDR 6,000-IDR 17,000

Ledok Sambi Kaliurang is open daily from 09.00-16.30. All visitors are expected to not bring food or drinks from outside.

This is a review of Ledok Sambi Ecopark in Kaliurang. Are you interested in visiting this one tourist attraction?

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