6 Best Indonesian Music Festival in 2022!

Of the many types of festivals held, we have summarized 6 lists of the most exciting music festivals in Indonesia that you must look forward to!
3 Jun 2022 · By Ayurizka Purwadhania
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Indonesia is known for its various cultures and very diverse festivals and continues to exist every year. Many people look forward to one of the Indonesian music festival festivals. Of the many types of festivals held, we have summarized 6 lists of Indonesia's most exciting music festivals, and you must look forward to them.

Here's the complete list!

1. Synchronize Fest

Synchronize Fest 2021 /
Synchronize Fest 2021 / @syncronizefest

Synchronize Fest is an annual multi-genre music festival on a national scale that invites thousands of audiences to celebrate the diversity of live music on five stages for three days and three nights, enjoying 100s of curated performances from the country's favorite and best artists.

This 2022, Synchronize Fest will be held on 7, 8, and 9 October 2022 at Gambir Expo Kemayoran, Central Jakarta.

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2. Pestapora

Pestapora Line Up /
Pestapora Line Up / @pestapora

Pestapora is a music concert with the concept of a festival. This music festival is being held for the first time in Indonesia in 2022, so the public is very enthusiastic about welcoming it.

This first music celebration will be available for three days, on 23, 24, and 25 September 2022, in Kemayoran, Jakarta.

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3. Prambanan Jazz Festival

Prambanan Jazz 2020 /
Prambanan Jazz 2020 / @prambananjazz

The Prambanan Jazz Festival is an annual international-scale musical event held in the courtyard of the Prambanan Temple, Yogyakarta. This music concert featured various jazz musicians from within and outside the country.

In 2022, the Prambanan Jazz Festival will be held on 1 - 3 July 2022 in the Plataran area of Prambanan Temple.

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4. We The Fest

Poster We The Fest 2022 /
Poster We The Fest 2022 / pramborsfm.com

We The Fest is a music, arts, fashion, and food festival held annually in Jakarta, Indonesia. We the Fest started in 2014 and is held annually every mid or late August weekend at Parking Timur Senayan.

In 2022, We The Fest will be held on September 23-25, 2022.

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5. Berdendang Bergoyang

Rossa at Berdendang Bergoyang 2020 /
Rossa at Berdendang Bergoyang 2020 / @berdendangbergoyang

Berdendang Beryang is a music festival that invites various musicians across genres to become one on the stage of this festival. This event will be held again on 29-30 October 2022 at Istora Senayan, Jakarta.

6. LaLaLa Fest

Lalala Fest 2019 /
Lalala Fest 2019 / @lalala.fest

Lalala Fest is a music festival located in Lembang, Bandung. This music event always takes a location that is at one with nature to create a new experience for every audience who comes to Lalala Fest.

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