Here’s The 5 Best Burjo in Yogyakarta!

Where is the best burjo in Yogyakarta? Here's the list!
14 Jun 2022 ·By Ayurizka Purwadhania
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What's Burjo? Burjo, commonly known as warmindo, is a favorite hangout place for students and workers in Yogyakarta that usually sell noodles, coffee, and other local food. Here they can find a variety of cheap food with good taste. Yogyakarta has hundreds of burjo scattered in every corner of the city, so which burjo is the best in Yogyakarta? Check out the list below!

Burjo Andeska

Burjo Andeska /
Burjo Andeska / @diky_wahyudi26

The best burjo in Yogyakarta is Burjo Andeska, which is near from the YKPN Seturan campus. This burjo has 2 floors which are quite spacious and suitable for hanging out with friends. This shop is also open 24 hours! The mainstay menu here is Magelang and Mie Dok Dok (Instant noodles with additional spices).

Burjo Borneo

Burjo Borneo /
Burjo Borneo / restaurantguru

The following list of best burjo in Yogyakarta is Burjo Borneo Seturan. This place has various facilities such as a large projector screen, usually used for special shows such as football. This Burjo is also one that is open 24 hours in Yogyakarta. The menu here is known to be more varied, and there are many contemporary menus that you can try.

Burjo Motekar

Burjo Motekar /
Burjo Motekar / Raisa Taqiy

The next list of the most delicious burjos in Yogyakarta is Burjo Motekar, located in Bantul near the Muhammadiyah University of Yogyakarta campus. The special menu that only available at Burjo Motekar is Nasi Ayam Bali. In addition, you can also try the legendary, delicious, and cheap Mie Dok-Dok menu.

Burjo Panorama

Burjo Panorama /
Burjo Panorama / restaurantguru

The next best burjo in Yogyakarta is Burjo Panorama, located on the edge of Jalan Anggajaya. This burjo is open every day for 24 hours! Its strategic location makes this burjo never empty of buyers every day.

Burjo Murni

Burjo Murni /
Burjo Murni / Samuel Prakoso

The last recommendation for the most delicious burjo in Yogyakarta is Burjo Murni in Baciro. This Burjo is popular with everyone in Yogyakarta because of its cheap menu and a suitable place to hang out.

Those are the 5 recommendations for the list of the most delicious burjo in Yogyakarta. Which one is your favorite?

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