Bama Beach in Situbondo: Entrance Ticket, Location, Opening Hours

Bama Beach is known for its scenery surrounded by mangrove trees planted around the beach.
10 Oct 2022 ·By Ayurizka Purwadhania
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Bama Beach / @diah.3293
Bama Beach / @diah.3293

Baluran National Park is known for its green savanna, directly opposite Mount Baluran. This place is called "Africa van Java" because you can see the beautiful savanna, and it is also suitable for those who love nature to visit. Also, this national park has a beach called Bama Beach, which has stunning views and is not inferior to other famous beaches.

Curious about the charm of Bama Beach? Let's see the following information!



The following are some of the facilities that you can find at Bama Beach:

  • Parking area
  • Toilet
  • Mosque
  • Restaurant
  • Photo Spot
  • Lodging
  • Snorkeling


Bama Beach / @oviarys96
Bama Beach / @oviarys96

Bama Beach is known for its scenery surrounded by mangrove trees planted around the beach. You can try various activities on this beach, such as snorkeling, banana boating, and camping. This place is suitable for spending weekends with family while enjoying the quiet beach atmosphere.

You can try a culinary tour by tasting a variety of seafood available at several food stalls around the beach. Bama Beach is a favorite place for tourists to see the sunset and sunrise.

Entrance Ticket and Opening Hours

Bama Beach / @hanafefriana
Bama Beach / @hanafefriana

Because Bama Beach is included in the Baluran National Park area, there is no charge to enter this beach. However, you need to pay an entrance ticket to Baluran National Park for IDR 25,000 for Indonesian citizens and IDR 150,000 for foreign tourists.

Bama Beach Tour is open daily from 06.00-17.00. The best time to visit this beach is in the morning, so you can enjoy the beautiful panorama of this beach. So what are you waiting for? It's time for you to come and see the beauty of Bama Beach right now!

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