Bach Long, Vietnam: New Record for World's Longest Glass Bridge

On May 30, 2022, this 632-meter-long bridge officially set the record for the longest glass bridge in the world.
2 Jun 2022 · By Adrian Padmodihardjo
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Bach Long, the name of this bridge, means "white dragon". A very appropriate name, considering the length of this white glass bridge which reaches 632 meters. Resembling the tail of a white dragon floating in the sky.

Bach Long Bridge, Vietnam /
Bach Long Bridge, Vietnam / indianexpress

This bridge was inaugurated on May 28, 2022, although it has been opened to the public since April 2022. Deliberately made to attract tourists, the Bach Long bridge not only offers the beauty of the thick jungle below, but visitors are also treated with 9D Technology, an integrated lighting and sound attractions capable of simulating 60 unique experiences, to enhance your travel experience.

According to CNN, on May 30, 2022, this bridge officially set a new record as the longest glass bridge in the world, beating the previous bridge in Guangdong, China.

Bach Long Bridge, Vietnam /
Bach Long Bridge, Vietnam / newcivilengineer
Bach Long Bridge, Vietnam /
Bach Long Bridge, Vietnam / india

Bridge Construction

The glass material for this bridge is manufactured by Saint-Gobain, a construction materials specialist from France. The crossing lane consists of 3 layers of glass, where each glass panel has a thickness of 40mm, a length of 3 meters, and a width of 2.4 meters. This bridge has a height of 150 meters above ground.

The bridge is claimed to be able to accommodate 450 people at once. In fact, as reported by allthatsinteresting, officials stated that the glass panels on the bridge can withstand loads weighing 5 tons even when they are shattered. We sure wish that won’t happen though … 😱

Ticket Price

On weekends, the price of admission to this bridge is around USD 28 for adults and USD 20 for children. On weekdays, the ticket price is reduced by about USD 4.5.

Hotels near Bach Long Bridge

Reference: newcivilengineer

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