All You Need To Know About Manahan Shelter in Surakarta

Now, you can freely explore the various street foods in Solo by visiting the Manahan Shelter.
6 Jan 2023 ·By Ayurizka Purwadhania
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When it comes to the city of Solo, it seems that there's no end to the various attractions to explore. During your visit to Solo, you can find a variety of exciting tours, one of which is a culinary tour.

Now, you can freely explore the various street foods in Solo by visiting the Manahan Shelter. This place is a new relocation area for street vendors, so they can sell more comfortably and safely. To learn more about the appeal of the Manahan Solo Shelter, let's take a look at the following information!



Here are some of the facilities in the Manahan Solo Shelter:

  • Parking area
  • Public toilet
  • Dine-In area
  • Smoking Areas


Shelter Manahan / @SkyscraperCitySolo
Shelter Manahan / @SkyscraperCitySolo

What can you find at the Manahan Solo Shelter? You can discover dozens of street vendors selling various types of food and drinks at low prices. From typical Solo snacks to modern food, you can find it all in this shelter area.

Manahan Solo Shelter is the perfect place to spend a weekend in the city. You can take a walk in the pedestrian area while enjoying the evening atmosphere in Solo. Don't worry, the place has a seating area for dine-in and also some garden chairs for visitors.

Entrance Ticket and Opening hours

Shelter Manahan Solo / @SkyscraperCitySolo
Shelter Manahan Solo / @SkyscraperCitySolo

You don't need an entrance ticket to enter the Manahan Shelter. The food prices in this area are also quite affordable, ranging from IDR 10,000-IDR 30,000. So, with IDR 50,000, you can already try various street food that are sold in this place. The shelter is open every day from 12.00-00.00. That's a review of one of the budget-friendly hangout spots in Solo, hopefully, it adds a new reference for you!

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